Most NI farmers to receive direct payments early

Most NI farmers to receive direct payments early


2 Sep 2022 at 00:46
Most NI farmers to receive direct payments early

Most farmers in Northern Ireland are expected to receive their direct payments on Wednesday, six weeks earlier than usual.

เว็บ som777 จ่ายจริง ไหม Direct payments are annual government subsidies paid to farmers to support the local agricultural industry and help protect food supplies.

The Department of Agriculture and Environment (Daera) has issued £286.9m in payments to 97% of farmers.

The remaining applications still have to be verified.

The early payment means more than 23,000 farm businesses have received the full amount due for 2022.

Agriculture Minister Edwin Poots said the cost-of-living crisis had prompted the move.

"The ongoing disruption to agricultural markets, in particular due to the situation in Ukraine, is having a huge impact on farm businesses in Northern Ireland," he said.

"To help them with cashflow, annual payments have commenced six weeks earlier than previous years."

He added that 23,208 farmers had been issued their payment on 1 September.

"This is only possible because we have left the European Union and can now make decisions to suit local needs."

Basic payments have increased by 2.04% in 2022, to ensure ring-fenced funding is used in full.

It means each farmer will receive about £250 extra, depending on the size of their claim.


2 Sep 2022 at 03:15
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