'There's really not a lot left to cut back'

'There's really not a lot left to cut back'


23 Sep 2022 at 00:28
'There's really not a lot left to cut back'

In Grimsby, self-employed auditor Kristine Green has like millions of others around the country already started cutting back day-to-day, with bills and the monthly cost of her variable-rate mortgage going up.

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She says her mortgage has already gone up four or five times in the past year - twice in such quick succession she did not get a letter from her provider.

With today's increase she says her mortgage will soon be edging up to £470 per month, about £100 more than what she paid this time last year.

She counts herself "lucky" that her mortgage is a smaller one, but as she originally bought the property with a partner she is no longer with, she doesn't have the same level of income to remortgage, so is stuck on a variable rate.

As a single parent to two kids, she says she is "very frugal", opting for value options in the supermarket or "cutting little niceties" or treats from the weekly food shop.