Mass shooting at St. Louis school leaves 3 dead, 7 hurt

Mass shooting at St. Louis school leaves 3 dead, 7 hurt


27 Oct 2022 at 05:07

Mass shooting atเล่น slotxo หน้า เว็บSt. Louis school leaves 3 dead, 7 hurt
A shooting took place at a high school in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Initially, three people were killed and seven others were injured, with one death being a teenage girl. and the other was a woman who died in the hospital. The injured were three girls and four boys, but none of them were hurt.
News reports stated that The gunman entered the Central School of Visual and Performing Arts after 9:00 a.m. on October 24 local time, however the school building's doors were locked. And do not know how the gunman got inside the building.
Witnesses said several people survived after the gunman's weapon was damaged. The school said police were quick to stop the gunman.

However, the motive for the shooter's attack was not disclosed. But police say the suspect is a 19-year-old former student who graduated from the school last year. which has no history of any criminal offenses fired a gun against the police before surrendering due to injury
St. Louis Police Commissioner Michael Zack said the attacker had a rifle with hundreds of rounds loaded in nearly a dozen high-performance magazines. And the situation could be much worse. Fortunately, seven security personnel at the scene alerted other officers. including the police quickly

One student told a local news station that The gunman walked up to his friend and asked her, “Are you ready to die?” and told the police that the gunman who shot the shooting was an academy student. while another student said She heard the gunman say I'm tired of this crazy school.
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