MLCgames: A scythe out of Morytania dropped by an arachnid

A scythe out of Morytania dropped by an arachnid

22 May 2020 at 23:54

It's a spec for PvP. Not actually a PvPer but as with OSRS gold  nox weapons, Mirrorback is similar to vengeance on crack on legacy mode. The scythe is the only weapon in its own tier since the Zaros Godsword has been given its own niche. And if used correctly it can nevertheless lay down some serious DPM, particularly given the strategic advantage of not needing to stand in melee distance of your opponent.It is your best slayer weapon in RuneScape. Slimming down, nothing beats at the AoE of this scythe. This weapon has been created to slice, dice and disembowel. Magic and ranged have their own AoE-based benefits, but unlike them, the Scythe chose a battle style previously known for one-on-one DPM and gave it the capability to carry out hordes of enemies. It fundamentally changed how people looked in slayer and eliminated the requirement to get a multicannon for effective melee slaying.

A scythe out of Morytania dropped by an arachnid supervisor that can hit multiple targets at once? I wonder where they came up with a badass idea. It didn't fail as a niche weapon. Items such as Torag's Hammers, Verac's Flail, Javelins, etc might have looked cool, but they really made waves as awesome weapons. The scythe is cool because it is not one of those"standard" weapon types, i.e. Bow Staff Sword, Bow Staff Sword, Bow Staff Sword, Bow Staff Sword. This uniqueness is among the things that gave the abyssal whip its legendary status. Just how long do you think it will be until we see a t92 chakram collection? t92 sling? t92 pike? t92 oudachi? I presume it will be a lengthy time. Right now, the one most unique high-level weapon out there's the noxious scythe.

15 years back I recall dying here - How times have buy RuneScape gold changed


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