xysoom: Foodpanda & GrabFood promo codes in Singapore (2020)

Foodpanda & GrabFood promo codes in Singapore (2020)

23 May 2020 at 02:06

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With services like Foodpanda, Deliveroo, and GrabFood becoming practically unavoidable, Singaporeans are fast closing in on such a state.Food delivery promo codes in Singapore (April 2020) — updated for circuit breaker!

If you’re going to use these food delivery apps, at least take the opportunity to save a few bucks with a promo code. Be sure to share this article with your fellow lazy friends and coworkers!Here are the current promo codes for Deliveroo Singapore, as of April 2020. There used to be way more, but Deliveroo has apparently gotten enough traction to cut down on the promo codes and yet still get orders.Currently, only HSBC and UOB have promo codes for new and existing users, and you can only get maximum $6 off your order (minimum spend applies).

Deliveroo has a bit of a reputation as an atas food delivery service, but I think they’re not that bad. If you don’t want to spend too much, you can use the filters to suss out hawker fare, fast food, bubble tea, and the more affordable restaurants.

Also, if you order food delivery often enough, you can consider signing up for Deliveroo Plus at $14.90/month. It gives you unlimited free deliveries, which could come in handy, especially during this circuit breaker period.Delivery fees are usually between $3 to $5. That means you only meed to 3 to 5 orders to make it worthwhile.

Do note, however, that you may need to consolidate a few orders to hit the Deliveroo minimum order of $12, or else you’ll be charged the difference as a “small order fee”.The only thing about the Foodpanda promo codes is that they all have a pretty high minimum spending requirement of $25 or above (for existing users), so it’s more worthwhile to order in a group.
If you’re not a particularly loyal customer, it’s definitely worth it to do a bit of price comparison for the more popular restaurants that are on two or more delivery platforms.

If you want to save on your meal, Foodpanda also has a free delivery filter. Note that free delivery is usually only available if you hit a minimum order e.g. $12 or $15.

Alternatively, Foodpanda supposedly released their Panda Pro subscription plans last month. However, although it’s available on their site, when I tried to sign up, it said it was not available yet.

I’m not sure if it’s because the launch was delayed (ahem, due to circuit breaker, perhaps?) or that it is available in limited quantities and ran out.

Whichever the case, if you’re interested you can always check back and wait for it to become available to you. It’s actually very affordable — the plans start at $3.99 for 5 free deliveries per month.Want to get the highest quality products with the lowest prices while shopping?Buy Now


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