tonghuan: The special villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The special villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

26 May 2020 at 02:42

Besides Nook miles Ticket, the most topical topic in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is over 390 different villagers. Each villager has a unique appearance, house and representative language. The longer the time, the animals traversed the community and found some villagers’ characteristics that made them very popular. Below we will list a few representative villagers popular in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

If we compare the animal crossing to a royal family, then all the village names are members of the royal family and Raymond will be the king. So far, Raymond is the most popular villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. His heterochromia is cool, and because of this, his eyes have a unique color. He usually wears business-themed clothing, which is striking compared with other villagers. The top cherry is his Smug personality type, which is the rarest of all personalities, and Raymond is even more special.

If Raymond is on your island and finds that he wants to move out, it means you will have a rare opportunity to set up a bank. Because of the uniqueness of Raymond, thousands of players will let them come to your island and persuade Raymond to migrate to their own island at the cost of thousands of Bells. Because of this, “Raymond is in the box” is a meme.

The Marshal is like Raymond in that he has a smug personality, a more neutral color scheme, and a unique face (his side eyes and wavy mouth are prominent). He is not as popular as Raymond, but many people think he is the cutest of all animals crossing the village.

Like Raymond, you can make a lot of money by “trading” him with other players. His price is not high, but the marshal still has to pay a penny. Although, let us be a reality: how can you say goodbye to cute faces like this?

Audie is a very interesting example, she is also popular because of uniqueness. The origin of her name is her 87-year-old grandmother Audrey (Audrey), who spent over 3,500 hours on the “animal hybridization: new leaves” rescue plan. The name of Audrey’s mayor in the game is Audi, which is also the name of the villager Audi.

There are other reasons for Audi’s popularity. Her appearance is cool, and the orange and yellow colors make her look like a flame, in stark contrast to the blue sunflower shirt. She also has great house decorations, and her house is like a bar in a tropical resort. She was very active, a vivacious villager, and a person easy to get along with.

Some of these special villagers need cost, and that is the bell. If you don’t have enough bells, you can get them through affordable .


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