tonghuan: Madden 20 Power Up Expansion: Eric Berry, Phillip Lindsay Among New Power Ups

Madden 20 Power Up Expansion: Eric Berry, Phillip Lindsay Among New Power Ups

29 May 2020 at 22:58

As of Tuesday, "Madden 20 Power Up Extension" has added more player items. Among the players revealed were the strong safety of former Kansas City Chiefs Eric Berry (Eric Berry) and current Denver Broncos (Phillip Lindsay). See how these cards are used with each player in Ultimate Team.

A few weeks ago, EA launched the Madden 20 Power Up Expansion program. Through this program, game players can obtain players' Power Up items, and then use mutcoins and other special cards to enhance them.

The Tuesday ’s press conference added another six players to the game through the new Power Up card, as shown below. These will allow gamers to raise their ultimate team players to a maximum of 98. The cards below reflect fully upgraded player items, not the way you received them for the first time.

With these cards, gamers can achieve a higher rating with just one training. You can then use Berry's core elite player project to upgrade to level 6. For other players, Draft, NFL 100 or other programs may require other special cards. You can use the upgraded attributes to increase the level to 98 all the way. However, its cost will be very high, with some levels of training costs as high as 8,000 to 32,000.

With the Madden 20 plan, it is also a challenge for the ultimate team. Find the "Challenge" option first, then find "Power Up". The latest version is Power Brokers. For the six players mentioned above, each game is equivalent to a separate challenge.

After completing a personal challenge, you can win the player's Power Up card. In addition, as part of the transaction, each challenge has a total of 900 Madden coins. Challenges are relatively easy, because all challenges involve starting the game in the third quarter and must win.

For those who have not accepted the challenge, you need MUT 21 Coins to gain energy. You can also improve your grades through training. We provide a training guide for you to check, where you can get more detailed information on how to do this.


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