tonghuan: Madden NFL 21's major new model is backyard football

Madden NFL 21's major new model is backyard football

7 Aug 2020 at 23:39

Madden NFL’s new model this year is called "The Yard", which is a tribute to EA Sports's backyard game. EA Sports said that it will find the "fast-paced small game" arcade-style title of football fans on NFL Street and other places. .

The courtyard not only provides six-a-side football games, but also includes skill games and rule changes. Players will create an avatar, take them into the progress system for earning XP and Madden 21 Coins, and customize their appearance and equipment in the constantly refreshing "style area". This character is the star of the narrative mode and is called "Yard: Underground" and is now available in the Madden NFL 21 Mobile app.

This is a bit reminiscent of EA Sports’ FIFA 20 tried Volta Football, street football/futsal mode (with narrative activities and personalized superstars). Volta Football’s goals are performing well, but the model has little impact on the community, otherwise the ultimate football team and the game’s profound professional background will be deeply attracted.

Last year, "Madden NFL 20" launched the "License Face", which is the preface to the series of single industry models. But the player's customization is not as profound as The Yard Dowds, it also has online content. In 2017, Madden introduced the first episode of the NFL 18 "Longshot" story into a backyard-style mini game, but only in this mode. After the sequel "Madden NFL 19", the long shot ended.

Madden NFL executive producer Sean Graddy said in a statement: "We want to create a new way of expression for players and play mini-football with a new arcade-style experience for Madden." "Players will buy madden 21 coins on mobile devices and game consoles. This will bring to life the backyard football that NFL players and fans have loved since childhood. Relax the rules and you can win with an attitude."



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