achatDofuskamas: The pet puzzle that has plagued World of Warcraft players for a year has been solved

The pet puzzle that has plagued World of Warcraft players for a year has been solved

16 Sep 2020 at 03:15

Now, adventurers in Azeroth can finally capture the void cat Jenafur as their pet. With the help of Blizzard's official tips, the mystery of World of Warcraft pets that has plagued players for a year has finally been solved. The pets in the game are just a decorative item at the beginning. After completing Cheap WOW Classic Gold some difficult content, the player may bring these rare loot to show off. But with the development of the pet system, pets have become more important. Players can participate in fun pet battles to kill time, and they can also participate in pet challenges to get unique rewards.

In six weeks, the Shadowlands expansion of World of Warcraft will be open to players, which is why many of players are trying to tie up whatever loose ends they have with content released during the Battle for Azeroth era. In the new expansion, players pass content The way of advancement will be completely changed, the level cap of the character will be reduced from 120 to 60, and the player will need to choose one from multiple areas. For World of Warcraft players, Shadowlands will be a magical new world. However, we are still unable to determine how the content of the old area will be presented in Shadowlands, so before officially jumping into Shadowlands, we need to solve some of the mysteries left in BfA.

Eurogamer's recent news report verified some documents, which were different World of Warcraft accounts and videos uploaded to the Internet. With the help of these materials, the mystery that has long plagued the World of Warcraft community has finally been solved. If you know how players spend a year to solve this problem, you know why getting Jenafur in World of Warcraft is an absurd goal. Before the arrival of the new expansion, players finally learned the answer to this question through the official prompt. A player named Paul has compiled a detailed guide for those who want to get a void cat. If you want to learn how to catch this pet, you can check the relevant article on the official website of MMOWTS.

This puzzle that has plagued players for a long time is finally solved after the release date of Shadowlands is determined. For those players who want to capture Jenafur, this is a crazy process. It can be predicted that more pets will appear in World of Warcraft in the future, and players will be provided with more imaginative puzzles. If you are playing World of Warcraft Classic and need a lot of World of Warcraft Classic Gold, I think MMOWTS is your best choice. Any player can not only get more information about World of Warcraft there, but also buy the cheapest WOW Classic Gold on the market. Their professional team will ensure that your order is delivered as soon as possible.


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