jasmyn: Path of Exile: Heist is released today on PC and Mac

Path of Exile: Heist is released today on PC and Mac

18 Sep 2020 at 22:26

PC and Mac users can start playing the new "Path of Exile: Heist" expansion game today, and console gamers can start playing the game before next week. No matter which version of the gamer you are, you can purchase POE Currency at poecurrency.com. After sitting down with Chris Wilson, managing director and co-founder of developer Grinding Gear Games, Screen Rant was able to preview the expansion of Path of Exile and learn about its new features a few weeks ago.

The extension was originally supposed to be released in June 2020, but this year has been undermining the best plan. However, despite being still locked, the team is finally ready to release the latest "Path of Exile: Heist" content. The game borrows heavily from Blizzard's ";Diablo" series, from top to bottom to achieve the dungeon crawling mechanism, but also provides a lot of its own features, especially in character customization.

After some delay, "Path of Exile: Heist" was released today on PC and Mac, but console players must wait until September 23 to get started. This expansion will allow players to seek the help of highly skilled thieves to help them penetrate "safe facilities to obtain valuable cultural relics." As the title of the extension indicates, players must use stealth while avoiding security, lest they are overwhelmed by guards. After the artifact is retrieved, the player will have to retreat to the extraction point after the alarm is automatically triggered. If caught, the player will lose everything stolen from the facility. Path of Exile: Heist will feature a lot of new content, such as Heist alliances, unique items, a new set of spells, etc. Like the base game "Path of Exile:Heist" will be free. It also introduces new NPCs, skills, items, and a new area called Rogue Harbor.

In addition to the popularity of the game, one of the most interesting selling points of "Path of Exile" is that it is a free game without any payment. Many games have free-to-play games as a selling point, but they often also provide game advantages for players who conduct microtransactions. Although you can grow in the game without using microtransactions, the road to prosperity is long and arduous. The Path of Exile seemed to be proud of avoiding this divisive approach, instead choosing to focus on quality and fairness.

Grinding Gear Games highlighted "Path of Exile": Robbers can play the game for free, thanks to its commitment to promoting fair competition among fans. People are free to choose what they think is appropriate to spend money, and the company also needs to earn income to continue operating, but bringing a competitive advantage to those who have more POE Orbs than others is a huge obstacle for many participants. The success of "Path of Exile" so far, the game seems to be doing well.





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