jasmyn: Grinding Gear Games shares some fan art from Path of Exile

Grinding Gear Games shares some fan art from Path of Exile

3 Nov 2020 at 20:13

For many content creators, the existence of fan art is either seen as annoying dissuasion or as a treasure. Fortunately, Grinding Gear Games is one of the studios that tends to fall into the latter camp. If you are also a fan of Path of Exile, you can POE Currency Buy to enhance your character.

Fan art, especially video games, can take many forms. Compared with the format of the original media, which format is used is more related to the talent of the fans. In this latest community presentation, Grinding Gear Games not only recognized two great artists and a actor, but also highlighted their favorite clips in the Twitch streamers, which supports the game studios often playing games on streamers. Love the statement.

First, role play. Envatilea submitted a Reddit post about her witch costume. Before discovering any armor or other items, not only was her outfit completely similar to the state of the necromancer who was violently tortured at the beginning of the movement, but her posture and entangled gaze stared into the distance, making it easy to imagine her in Rog's mouth was undulating and washed the shore outside of Lioneye's watch.

Next, SMOKOwita submitted a realistic portrait of Sirus to the forum. In the game, Sirius is the main opponent of Atlas Conqueror's expansion, and is generally considered to be the second strongest boss in Road of Exile. Since he looks like a skeleton entwined with red magic, he must infer what Sirus looked like before his death and resurrection from the legends in the game (such as the diary).

The third feature of fan art is also submitted by Reddit. This time it features Karst, one of the gangsters introduced in the "Path of Exile," Robbery League. User Timqq captured the somber, soft colors of the darker tones of Path of Exile, and the position of the character's body relative to the frame emphasized his mobility potential when he hits an invisible enemy.

Grinding Gear Games likes the fan base very much. Just recently, it announced that the 3.13 expansion will be postponed so that players do not have to choose between Path of Exile and Cyberpunk 2077. Players can purchase POE Trade On PS4 to help them explore more features.



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