wisepowder: Kriskadecor's chain-link partitions aid social distancing in shared interiors

Kriskadecor's chain-link partitions aid social distancing in shared interiors

8 Jan 2021 at 23:31

metal chain-link manufacturer Kriskadecor aims to help shared places like offices and hotels adjust to the "new normal" after coronavirus with space dividers made from aluminium links.To get more news about chain link curtain, you can visit boegger.net official website.

Kriskadecor offers a wide range of metal mesh products made from anodised aluminium chain-links, including space dividers, wall coverings, ceilings, facades and lighting elements.This Salon in Madrid, designed by Daniel Venteo, features Kriskadecor's gold chain-link curtain
Created for shared buildings like offices, restaurants, bars and hotels, each of the designs can be personalised to the space for which they are made using a variety of colours and prints.

This is thanks to a specialised, patented machinery that is able to reproduce any picture, pattern or corporative design – in which every link acts as a pixel – onto the collection of chain-links.Kriskadecor's metal mesh partitions can be printed with any image or pattern, as seen in this office by Kaput Design
As Kriskadecor explains, its space dividers are more relevant than ever in encouraging people to maintain a safe distance in keeping with social distancing guidelines due to the coronavirus pandemic.Due to their material, they are also easy to clean and disinfect.

"Since safety distance is the only prevention measure that we have against the virus, the future of shared space design involves creating solutions that ensure that we are physically separated, but socially connected," said the company.Thanks to the translucency of the chain-links, Kriskadecor believes its metal partitions can offer businesses a way to "separate without dividing" by creating spacious and light sub-spaces that feel private without making the user feel "left out".

"This is the case of the IPG Mediabrands offices in Amsterdam," explained the brand. "This original design delimits a common area with a semi-transparent material that works as an impassable psychological barrier."

"As a result, employees have a haven where they can relax and bond," it continued. "The distinctive touch is given by the decorative perimeter frame that is placed when casting a chain and that functions as an access door."


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