DINGXINDA: From Waste Mango Kernel into High Surface Area Activated Carbon

From Waste Mango Kernel into High Surface Area Activated Carbon

23 Feb 2021 at 20:44

[url=www.wyactivatedcarbon.com/]activated charcoal factory[/url]Series of low cost activated carbon (AC) were successfully synthesized from chemical activation of mango kernel (MK) via three chemical activators; ZnCl2, H3PO4 and KOH at 1:1 impregnation ratio of MK: Activator, activation temperature of 500 °C and impregnation time of 30 min. The resultant ACs were characterized using Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR), CHNS/O analyzer, Na2S2O3 volumetric method and Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). FTIR analysis of MK verified the presence of many functional groups resembling the lignocellulosic material and the absence of certain functional groups in the synthesized ACs indicated the removal of volatile compounds during the activation process. CHNS/O analysis confirmed the increase in Carbon % for all the prepared ACs. For example: 57.15 %, 53.63 %, 72.19 % for ZnCl2-AC, H3PO4-AC and KOH-AC respectively, compared to the raw MK which registered only 43.18 %. Iodine Number (IN) was found to increase in a trend as; ZnCl2-AC (1453.97 mgg-1) > H3PO4-AC (1299.30 mgg-1) > KOH-AC (1209.08 mgg-1). However, the yield percentage was maximum for H3PO4-AC (47.3 %) followed by ZnCl2-AC (45.7 %) and KOH-AC (8.4 %). In addition, no pores were observed for raw MK through the SEM analysis. However, SEM studies showed well-formation of porous structure for the synthesized ACs which suggested the role of activating agents during carbonization. This study proves the successful conversion of waste biomass into high quality ACs and to conclude, ZnCl2 was chosen as the most suitable activator to synthesize AC from MK due to its enhanced textural characteristics and moderate yield percentage compared to other activators.
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