wisepowder: The cell effects of “heat-not-burn tobacco” products

The cell effects of “heat-not-burn tobacco” products

7 May 2021 at 03:06

The cell effects of “heat-not-burn tobacco” products can be as harmful as tobacco

The effects of heat-not-burn tobacco products, a hybrid of traditional cigarettes and e-cigarettes, on lung cells can be as harmful as traditional cigarettes, a small comparative study published online in the journal. Suggests the result of. rib cage..To get more news about Hitaste Hi10, you can visit hitaste.net official website.

Heat-not-burn tobacco products contain nicotine and tobacco, but as a less harmful alternative to traditional tobacco because they do not produce certain harmful chemicals that are released when tobacco burns. It is sold from.

Smoking still kills 6 million people worldwide each year. Increases the risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, peripheral arterial disease, and abdominal aortic aneurysm. This is because it plays a role in all stages of arteriosclerosis and occlusion.Specifically, it contributes to endothelial dysfunction. This causes the inner layers of large and small blood vessels to become abnormal, causing the arteries to contract instead of dilating and the blood vessels to become more inflamed. Oxidative stress-excess of harmful cell by-products; platelet activation-production of “sticky” blood. Occurrence of plaque that can block arteries.

So they consisted of 20 nonsmokers (mean age 28 years), 20 conventional smokers (mean age 27 years), and 20 long-term users of heat-not-burn tobacco products (mean age 33 years). We compared endothelial dysfunction, oxidative stress, and platelet activation. ..

Traditional smokers pass through 13 sticks a day for an average of 3.5 years. Heat-not-burn tobacco users used about 11 products daily for an average of 5 years.The findings showed that long-term use of heat-not-burn tobacco products was associated with decreased endothelial function, oxidative stress and increased platelet activation compared to smoking cessation.

Also, there was no significant difference between traditional smokers and users of heat-not-burn tobacco products.Since this is an observational study, the cause cannot be determined. And researchers acknowledge some restrictions on their findings.

This is due to the small number of study participants involved, the lack of random assignments to each group, and the inability to ensure that participants are not dual users of both traditional cigarette and heat-not-burn tobacco products. included.


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