freeamfva: Top United States Suppliers of Deep Drawn Stampings

Top United States Suppliers of Deep Drawn Stampings

27 May 2021 at 23:15

Deep drawn stamping is a cold forming process where the depth of the final product is half as large or larger than its width. This is accomplished by drawing a flat metal blank into a die cavity (or several cavities in a series of steps) with a punch, until the metal has been shaped into the desired form. This method allows parts smaller than an inch or large enough to be used in vehicles and aircraft to be created. In this article, to help you in your supplier search, we have compiled information on the top deep drawn stamping services companies in the United States.To get more news about precision metal stamping, you can visit official website.

Below is a table ranking the top suppliers of deep drawn stampings on ThomasNet. Suppliers are arranged in descending order of company size in number of employees. The table also includes company headquarters locations and annual sales in millions of US dollars. Dashes indicate where information was unavailable. Hudson Technologies, based in Ormond Beach, FL, offers deep drawn stampings from .125 to 12 inches wide and up to 12 inches deep. Materials worked include stainless steel, cold rolled steel, titanium, aluminum, brass, nickel alloy, Iconel, Haynes 242, Hastelloy, Monel, and Hymu 80.

Stewart EFI offers deep drawn stampings up to 5.75 inches deep and with blank sizes up to 8 inches. It also provides beading, bulging, coining, debossing and embossing, extruding, knurling, lettering, reverse draws, tapping, threading, side piercing, and step draws. The company is based in Thomaston, CT. Twinplex Manufacturing, in Wood Dale, IL, offers canisters, cosmetic containers, custom enclosures, housings, presses, shapes, and other deep drawn stampings. It works in ferrous and nonferrous materials up to .8 inches thick and offers draw depths up to 4.25 inches.

Veteran, woman, and minority owned suppliers can be an important part of the supply chain for any company, not just because of the social benefits, but also for the increased avenues of supply and increased ability to get government contracts. With that in mind we have compiled information on the top veteran-owned businesses on ThomasNet below, ranked in descending order of number of employees. Additionally, the table includes company location information and information on annual sales. Annual sales are in millions of U.S. dollars, and dashes indicate where information was unavailable.


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