freeamfva: Gear tiers are coming back to World of Warcraft

Gear tiers are coming back to World of Warcraft

18 Nov 2021 at 00:33

World of Warcraft players have enjoyed collecting armour sets from various dungeons and raids for well over a decade and the staggered rollout through tiers gave this race and grind much more longevity. The community got so used to the cycle of obtaining the new tiered gear that they found themselves wanting more after Blizzard removed this type of progression in 2017, when the ill-fated Battle for Azeroth came around.To get more news about safe wow gold, you can visit official website.

It is easily one of the worse-rated expansions in the WoW collection but Shadowlands has probably won the throne for the most reviled one ever. So when Blizzard attempted to win some goodwill by bringing the tier sets back in 2021, one would have hoped for the best but one would also be wrong.

When the fans saw the tiered armour sets, pictured above, they immediately became disillusioned because pretty much every class looks the same in them, with only minor alterations between them.

Furthermore, the set is based only on the Kyrian covenant, which didn't sit well with most players as many sided with the likes of Necrolords or Venthyr, which is why they found it weird to wear clothing related to the angelic creatures.Anyway, the fans expressed their distaste with the new sets in various creative manners but calling everyone in the armour priest or paladin is probably the most accurate description.
If you're a WoW player, the entire interview is worth a read because Hazzikostas dives into a lot of long-standing player issues with a frankness that is honestly refreshing. At the same time, it's also frustrating seeing that many of the major takeaways—like being better at listening to player feedback—have been the same lessons Hazzikostas has talked about needing to learn for years, dating back to Battle for Azeroth's launch in 2018.


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