urdollsserry: It is more suitable as a prank gift for a fraternity party than having sex

It is more suitable as a prank gift for a fraternity party than having sex

18 Nov 2021 at 05:23

Are these issues familiar? Don't get me wrong, when our relationship is in crisis, we all have similar ideas. However, some people’s situation is different. These ideas don't know where they come from, and even if everything goes well, such ideas will often pop up. Even the doll is like this.The inflatable Anime sex doll can only support a certain weight and weight before the seams are torn. Number of repetitions. "

All you can think of is your sex doll partner, but you can hardly think of their own happiness. All your attention is focused on them as important people in your life, not independent people. The worst is that you cannot control your thoughts. Possessive jealousy and possessiveness are still different. When you are jealous, your biggest worry is that your partner may be unfaithful.

Sex doll advertisements first appeared in adult magazines around 1968, when the sale of pornographic products by mail in the United States was legalized. In the 1980s, they could be found in most adult product stores. However, the sex doll at the time was still an inflatable doll, which was more suitable as a prank gift for a fraternity party than having sex. Ferguson writes (in the book): ":-(During making Flat chested sex doll ;-) humans focus on the entrance area, mouth, vagina, and anus.


In the late 1990s, the art festival developed female silicone sex dolls with high simulation capabilities and published the results on the website, making the practical performance of sex dolls a huge leap. He soon received an email, people asking these sex dolls...whether their body structure is the same as real people. At that time, Japanese sex doll were not like that. But because of this demand, McMullen (started) to provide this type of doll.

But when someone posted in the bar expressing that they really wanted to spend a lifetime with the doll without getting married, and then adopted a daughter (because they hated boys), some bar friends instantly possessed three aunts and six aunts, and one after another came to persuade him: marriage or It is necessary/You will eventually be forced by traditional concepts/Who can really marry a wife who can play with dolls/You don’t understand the original poster. Your son has been worrying about ten years and your daughter has been worrying for a lifetime.

This year, many hot AI and robotthemed film and television dramas such as "Western World" and "Real Humans" all tell people's reactions to these intelligent technologies. Amazingly, these reactions are the same as people's attitudes towards physical Tpe sex doll. very similar. When facing dolls, human nature becomes more real. It can be seen that art always comes from life, even science fiction subjects are no exception.



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