Bestmengqin: Why did he claim to be my owner?

Why did he claim to be my owner?

19 Nov 2021 at 21:28

Auto-piloting is not allowed and I strongly discourage it. The only "AFKtraining that is acceptable is the one I have just mentioned. It's not AFK.. it's more like "turn off chat so that no one can talk with RuneScape Gold you, and then train at the same time".

First of all I sincerely apologize if I am breaking some rules. I'm not very knowledgeable about this forum therefore I will apologize profusely if I did something wrong. Again, I apologize.

I'll take a sip of brew. Brew should give me 89 HP and 92 def (good?). I will take. My friend will prot. from melle. After bandos has been killed, we kill each guard 1 at a time. If we are able to do it again, my friend sits in NW corner and i sit in middle, and in the att general when the spawn occurs. Do I require a sara item, too or am i good? Do I need to? Do you have any recommendations?

So me and my friends went to the arena for dueling. I was wearing a full (t) rune with Power Ammy as well as my b axe with rune b, and i was in the attack mode... Armors ammy as well as weapons: Strength ammy. Rune scimmy was also using strength ammy. Zammy kite was fully rune.

We don't have food or prayers. Why did he claim to be my owner? I have more stats than him, other than strength, yet I hit 0s on him. He keeps hitting me in Buy OSRS Accounts large quantities? Fudge! What is this? 52 Attack! 52 attack!!! My 52 attack was designed to take down my 48 defense! What is the point of this?


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