Wuyahong: We also pinned our top accounts against each other

We also pinned our top accounts against each other

14 Jan 2022 at 19:12

One arguement RuneScape Gold come up is that the emergence of new bosses requires graves, does it? Does that really hold? Tormented Demons, an updated boss, came out in 2008. According to what I can tell, even if my partner and me bless each other (he is a blessing to me, however the latter has not yet passed away) I can always make the trip back within 3 minutes. The whole argument about gravestone blessing is meaningless. It's not really a matter of whether your grave is blessed. You can still return.

Corpreal Beast on the other hand has been designed deliberatly to not use the gravestone mechanic, I'm sure Jagex looked at it and hung there heads with shame on the care bear bosses with little risk, so created one that doesn't care about gravestones. You have two minutes to get back to your stuff, there's no reason that can't stay before it becomes public loot is there?

Finally Nex. I've not yet managed to defeat her. However, most people believe Jagex has been working on this update for quite a while so it's fair to say that Nex was designed to include these features. Although a blessing may be able to bring you back to your grave, it is my opinion that this should be a part of Nex's concept.

For all bosses in other games, they were created to be used without gravestones, and with real the risk of. You can get items back from Bandos and KBD, Chaos Ele, Mole, and possibly Zammy through a grave without bless. DKs include, Arma, Sara and Sara can be located on graves with bless

Graves can also significantly reduce the risk of RS. We know that no one will bless your grave to get their hands on your rage. It's not about them being a penis. It's the way that the RS death sentence is executed and has been distorted because of graves.

The blessing was never intended to replace a friend picking objects and returning them to him. It's not a "nerf death switch" like it is now. Here's the solution: you have three options. Only take risks that you are able to afford. We hope to see a reduction in maxed out gear players in the workplace because there is the possibility that they may be ejected.

Bossing with your friends It's what they used to do before they died in order to be less risky. Boss as you are doing now, but be aware that if you lose the blessing your way, you're only yourself to blame since I myself will be savoring random strangers large piles of loot. This ridiculous argument is over.

The PKing group of RuneScape used to be an acceptable group of players back when the old wilderness existed. We would first ask "dm?" Then, we asked "dm?" before we attacked another person. We wanted to make sure they were available and be able to have a clean, fun, fair fight.

People actually dm’ed. Many times in RuneScape now a-days I'll ask anyone "dm?" To receive a "sure" answer or "yes", I will always have them go to the bank within just a few minutes.

We also pinned our top accounts against each other, our mains. This was more fun since the stats were well-balanced, making it a real fight, and it was fun to watch range beat magic, and mage beat melee, etc. Now we have pures that are totally unbalanced. This means that RS Gold 2007 is less enjoyable.


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