MMOgrfy: RuneScape - In the absence of at least lvl70+ stats

RuneScape - In the absence of at least lvl70+ stats

16 Feb 2022 at 21:24

To determine your combat level to OSRS gold check your level of combat, you must hit the button by using 2 swords (one with different atk types). Then you can see the combat lvl in the area. Also ur cb lvl would be around 30 im guessing.. Barrows is where you can kill 2 lvl 95s, and 4 lvl 115s..

In the absence of at least lvl70+ stats, a barrow wouldn't be an ideal choice... As you are likely to require a large amount of prayer pots and food just to survive 1 of the six brothers... That's just terrible... Also all high-level players need prayers at lvl43. This should be the number one priority at the moment... Shouldn't cost u 300k if you're gold-plating (not burial) big bones.

And omg, Ah! I too wanted to be one of the Mage in the past.. But I ended up with melee higher... Prolly cuz Mage is not the best choice for combat except for spellbooks from the past that has extremely powerful spells. But they're expensive. approximately 1k per cast. Additionally, melee is a rule! However, on barrows Mage is more effective, because their armor (the lvl115s) are among the top melee defenses available.. With a very low magic defense. Also, praying is one of the most effective abilities you can develop.. Absolutely worth the money... Keep training your abilities, but be careful not to grind.. Be happy playing.

Get full torags without the hammer. Costs like under 900k. It's among/the highest melee def in game. Also, it is much cheaper than veracs (veracs the helm by itself is around 900k+). Prob is, all Barrows armour degrades while in combat.. The brks are completely destroyed after 15 hours of combat..

After which, you need to repair them, which will cost you around 230k for the entire armour. A Wep whips are excellent for atk or def training, but get the Dragon Scimmy blade or Brackish for str. Dragon scimmy is much cheaper than a brackish, (50k and not 500k) but needs completion of cheap RS gold the monkey madness..


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