Wuyahong: By having limited resources like rune

By having limited resources like rune

18 Feb 2022 at 18:47

Green Dragons, armoured Zombies osrs gold for sale Chaos Ele should all be maintained identical. The most effective place to train should be a bit dangerous. While the Corporeal Beast is intriguing I believe it would be interesting to let barrage runners travel into the cave. But, the boss mechanic for the Corporeal beast in RS is very unique. Due to its high-risk nature you will have to be able to bank several times. The entrance could be moved nearer towards the edge of the wilderness, which is what it currently is at level 20.

The summoning process also poses a problem, I would far prefer to have a unique set of game rules and lending could be easily solved by not allowing weapons to be lent in the wilderness, summoning combat level will need to change. It is a good idea to have the ability to drop all at once, as with the rest of RS. The restriction on pouches is strange in the world of pvp. It is impossible to find an answer, therefore I recommend that you keep the situation as "pouchin invent and combat is a step up".

The most important thing is that you can't PVP wilderness realms. Never. The excitement of the wilderness provided one thing that PvP/bh realms did not have, and it was the most efficient handling I have ever seen.

Pvp meeting pve players. By having limited resources like rune, treasure trails, dragons, the abyss, and bosses in the wildy it offered non-pvp players the chance to enter potential pvp to get rewards, however, it was not mandatory or required in any way. The above mentioned points for quests are valid as everyone should be able to access the content. However, making certain worlds safe defeats the purpose of the quests. This is the thing I'm most worried about If there's a safe world to is rsorder legit get attacked it defeats the point of it all, an element of risk.


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