MMOgrfy: RuneScape - I'm looking for some training skills to reach 99

RuneScape - I'm looking for some training skills to reach 99

3 Mar 2022 at 19:19

Go through the remainder of OSRS gold my writing the way I wrote it, it's totally unintelligible.. Good luck. So I bought a the membership after being swayed by a friend also by The Mad May thing, and when I finally logged in to the members' community, I realised that I didn't have a clue what to do. Since then, I've done regular farming along with slayers assignments, and clue scrolls, but I'm really running out of things I can do in the remaining three and a half weeks of my membership.

Any suggestions on what would be a good plan to get into or try out? Minigames, or just anything that is engaging and rewarding to try on RS members today. There's so much new armour as well as a few new weapons in members now, I don't know what is decent for my skill level, and what should I use to fight slayers and general items (80 Att, 75 Def, 83 Str with 81 % HP). If you guys can suggest an item I could purchase and use, that would be awesome; I've got 50m cash but I'd prefer not to invest excessively.

Then I'm looking for some training skills to reach 99 or at the very least an upper level, but I'm not certain what I can do without spending tons of money and getting no return, or what's acceptable spending for training, etc. My skills should still be included in my signature. If not then I'll add asap.

If you're looking to spend minimally (under 10M) it is possible to get a set of Barrows armor as well as some nice peripheries (fury although it's not necessarily the best) will give you a lot for your buck. But, there are several very desirable items you can get. I'm assuming that you haven't been around for a long time.

The rapier is a bit erratic. A powerful melee weapon with one hand you acquire after dungeoneering a bit it requires at minimum 80 dunges in order to buy old school rs gold purchase with the dunge reward system. Most chaotic weapons are most powerful in their field.



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