Wuyunyun: I never had a bill but my bank is more than a invoice OSRS GOLD

I never had a bill but my bank is more than a invoice OSRS GOLD

15 Apr 2022 at 02:28

I never had a bill but my bank is more than a invoice. I really don't like taking a look at big numbers so I immediately spend the amount on restocking for cheap Runescape gold pvm for example for old fashioned ovls baskets etc and buying abilities for 99 or even 120. Already got bis melee equipment, which I bought with cash I made through pvming and great mage and triumphed gear. I'm mostly bankrupt because I always spend my money on something expensive. However since I have everything I want I don't need the cashmoney nor do I sense broke either.

If I'm being honest here I truly don't understand. Mostly I come online just to farm exp and quest points because I am close to reach maxed and pursuit Cape with 380+- pursuit points. I have everything I need for pvming. So runescape gameplay at this time is boring. Looking for a family active type clan with a great deal of events and individuals really frightening in discord or ts. Want some friends.

I think that the largest difference is how you see Runescape. Before I had wealth which was my whole goal. I was strictly PvM all the time, and every goal I had was"I have to make x amount so I can get better gear/skills." When I play, I've bought everything that's buyable, there are no things I need etc and initially I didn't want to play with anymore. I felt I'd achieved everything there was (no comp cape since, eww, skills) and amassing honestly is not that fun for me.

HOWEVER, now I have so much more enjoyable playing. If I enjoy a boss I can destroy it, even when profit is garbage. If I like an expensive skill (I really like herblore) I will do it, and it doesn't even matter when I play efficiently. Wealth on RS is similar to prosperity irl. Is time. You don't need to manager your own time so that you could afford to buy or do particular things, you have to spend your time doing things you like, regardless of the cost, and that's really quite pleasurable.

Not there yet but likely will not take long. Guess I'll go comp and do logs like everyone else is doing. I feel you. I'm eventually planning to max and then comp because I've simply purchased everything I really care about and having rares for no other reason than to make MORE money that I do nothing with nearly killed Runescape for me.

How great is it? Which are the key differences?

I have not played in a long time. I quit right after the expansive exchange was added. I lost interest and burnt out on it. I have a couple questions. Back when I played with, you did not really require a membership until around level 45 (I think), is this still correct? Can this wilderness? There's a literally not enough words to describe how you need to catch up (in case you want that ofc). If you stop when ge was published, this game is likely going to feel like a very different game to you.


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