Skyzhay: The MMORPG we've been awaiting for a long time

The MMORPG we've been awaiting for a long time

9 May 2022 at 20:01


Lost Ark review: The MMORPG Lost Ark Gold we've been awaiting for a long time

I've been playing around with MMORPGs for years , trying to locate the best. I've tried them or revisited them all recently -- World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls Online, Star Wars The Old Republic, Final Fantasy XIV... even Ultima Online. Like many of you, I was excited about the launch of New World, only for that game to faded from my mind after a few updates went live. This is why I began to look at Lost Ark, a game that came out in Korea in the year 2019 and with an ounce optimism, and not wanting to be disappointed once more. What I came up with is a game that I can't wait to return to every night.

Lost Ark is a free-to-play action RPG (ARPG) combined with an MMO with an isometric top-down, diagonal camera view like Diablo. While it's not boasting a better story than Diablo or the rival MMO Final Fantasy XIV, Lost Ark is filled with an incredibly smooth and precise combat system, lush and beautiful environments, amazing set pieces as well as some quirky and a lot of content.

The story is by far the weakest aspect Lost ark gold buy the game Lost Ark, but it's good enough. The game follows the search for seven missing pieces of the Ark that will be used to seal a gap that Chaos is pouring into Arkesia. It's essentially Gods and light fighting Chaos and demons. While the plot is standard, what differentiates the story from being average is the manner in which it's told. Great set pieces, cutting scenes with soaring music scores and a couple of fun story moments featuring cool characters ensure that it's a fun journey.



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