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Custom Cloisonne Lapel Pins

27 Jul 2022 at 00:01

Lapel pins manufactured using the Cloisonne process offer a unique look because your design is not simply overlaid onto the lapel pin… it is imprinted into the metal base. This gives added dimension and creates the look of a quality piece of jewelry to your lapel pins. Cloisonne lapel pins are die-struck from a copper/bronze surface because softer metals give a more detailed impression. A die is created to imprint your design into the metal. Next, the outline of the lapel pins and any cutouts are made with a separate mold.Get more news about Metal Cloisonne Pins,you can vist our website!

To finish your Cloisonne lapel pins, colors are hand-filled with a powdered glass-like mixture. Each color is fired – one at a time – onto your lapel pins at 1,600 F for two to four minutes. This two-step process ensures that bleeding of colors does not occur on your lapel pins. It also helps colors on your lapel pins to last and keep their brilliant hue.
A thicker & heavier pin, Cloisonné Hard Enamel pins are the highest quality lapel pins and are more Jewelry like in appearance. These custom pins are most collectable and have a greater perceived value, higher luster and durability. Cloisonne lapel pins are individually hand-polished and plated in either gold or silver. Then each lapel pin is inspected to ensure only lapel pins of the highest quality are individually packaged. The best lapel pins of the lot are sent to us for final inspection. While Cloisonne lapel pins may cost slightly more, they are well worth the extra few cents. Cloisonne lapel pins give you the highest quality ensuring the long life of your lapel pins.


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