Muxia: Hilarious Madden 23 Glitch TV Shows Incredible Touchdown Play

Hilarious Madden 23 Glitch TV Shows Incredible Touchdown Play

4 Aug 2022 at 00:52

It's no secret that most video games are prone to bugs and glitches in the game, and Mut 23 coins is no exception. In the internet world, there is every day a stream of players writing about their experiences, and Reddit is an excellent platform to share memorable Madden moments.

If you're looking for Madden nfl 23. The game is regarded to be a highly flawed title by most of the players. It has some of the most difficult technical problems that can be found in any sporting game, one player stumbled upon an unusual method of scoring the touchdown they in truth were not qualified to complete.

Reddit user took to the site with an image of his game with a touchdown that featured a comical glitch. In the video, he was James Cook, the user played the ball within the five-yard-line when he was faced by two opponents. Unable to be tackled by the other players, five more came in to offer additional support however, they could not help. The player was able to hold on to the ball but also remain upright and get the ball to the touchdown zone , even as all defensive players fell over each other. It was a feat that could earn him a nod in a coming Top 10 Running Back list.

It's no secret that the Reddit group for Madden nfl 23 provides the top content available online including discovering fresh bugs and exploits to making classic football moments with nostalgic Madden games. It's a fantastic way to show how broken the game is and, despite the acknowledgement of many of the players base, the majority of these problems have yet to be resolved. Although a patch is scheduled for January in to address a number of issues that affect the overall gameplay experience , as well as Franchise mode, many other significant issues were passed over, and gamers are not shy to post about it through social channels.

While EA Sports continues to address the most issues that could arise but a handful of Madden nfl 23 glitches that came to light in November are being reported and causing players to suffer headaches. Although the bug in the video may be one that players would like to be able to use, the biggest area of concern isn't how bad the bug is and how many bugs are still in use within the game.

Unfortunately, there's no way of knowing what time EA will be able to get to all of them, so for currently with buy mut coins madden 23, they'll remain in place, for better or for worse. It's now the responsibility of the players to continue reporting these issues, and to hold onto the hope that they'll be addressed in future updates.


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