28 Oct 2022 at 22:36

Wake up the vitality of the city with the charm of fashion and intelligent technology. JERNANO X TRICKCOO made a heavy debut in Shanghai Fashion Week, taking you to experience the new trend of intelligent wear in the cloud!Get more news about JERNANO,you can vist our website!

Wake up the hope of the city with the charm of fashion and intelligent technology. JENNANO X TRICKCOO made a heavy debut in Shanghai Fashion Week, bringing us the new trend of cloud immersive resume intelligent wear!

At this moment of nationwide fitness campaign and launching health and suicide plan, "Outdoor Lifestyle" is popular among metropolises. People volunteer to attract natural energy at any time, and investigate the fear of switching and selecting at any time between metropolises and outdoors. Smart clothes open a convenient tunnel to metropolises and nature, and become a hot new star on the fashion show

It seems that the conservative intelligent heating clothing only has the use of heating effect, which limits the expression of the fashionable character that clothing should have. In this fashion week, JERNANO joined hands with TRICKCOO to fully cheat the customized optical fiber (light band) and customized range device in TURBOHEAT's intelligent wearing time, so as to provide more space for innovation and conjecture. With the help of TRICKCOO's cutting-edge trend strategy, we combined intelligent technology and clothing planning, Both cold resistance and fashion are taken into consideration, and a new resume of smart clothing is opened!

The wearable intelligent technology of the show's Unity series is the TURBOHEAT40W intelligent wearable fast heating technology developed and planned by JERNANO.

Peaceful wireless feeling: The heating material manipulated in this technology is carbon nanotube film material, which is soft and thin, maintaining the flexible heating module plan, so that all heating clothing experiences can be made. Peaceful wireless feeling is the ideal raw material of wearable heating skills!

Fast flash: 40W high power, thermal seconds, make the thermal experience faster and longer, deal with all kinds of cool handling!APP intelligent control: All functions can be controlled by TURBOHEAT APP to save mobile phones, smart watches and other tools.

TURBOHEAT negotiates the practical needs of the users in the fooling scene, breaks through the inherent "gimmick memory" of smart clothing, conflicts the time bottleneck, and brings about the philosophy of "applicability"! The new intelligent experience makes you love it!

TURBOHEAT has a comprehensive control over the clothing boundary. Whether it is a rebellious and extremely cold powerful clothing, it can still be used in daily scenes such as commuting, running behavior, cycling, skiing, and so on! TURBOHEAT expands a wider utility space for the fashion industry and brings more deliberate freedom to designers!

TRICKCOO's brand attempts to follow HUGO's judgment on TURBOHEAT's hot technology: it is TRICKCOO's ambition to look for the coexistence of utility and fashion. The TURBOHEAT intelligent hot technology developed by JERNANO connects hot listening with LED luminous belt, which has improved the fashion and meaning of wearing for all people, so that the wearer can wear fashionable style when calmly dealing with cold weather and night, Stand out from the crowd. "

JERNANO-CEO Lv Wei revealed: "Hands on special luck and TRICKCOO closed work, fully participated in Shanghai Fashion Week. JENNANO is a skill research and development company, hoping to change the raw material advantage of carbon nanotube film into the use of profound products, bringing more experience to people's daily existence. The TURBOHEAT40 intelligent wear fast heat technology developed by JENNANO is based on whitewashing, disease and heat listening, expanding more intelligent technology plans, such as motion temperature control, call guidance, nature light Take care of others. The tight policy is to hope that technology smart clothing is not only a current gimmick, but also a necessary way to negotiate with the wearer about the skeleton of the exercise scene, which really improves the sense of wearing. With the development of science and technology, tomorrow's smart clothing will be a major trend. JERNANO will develop more clothing using skills based on the advantage of carbon nanotube film. New craft research and development has been held, so please remember!


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