freeamfva: Requirements for a laser cut vector drawing?

Requirements for a laser cut vector drawing?

27 Dec 2022 at 23:17

If a drawing contains multiple layers, it may be unclear what should and should not be cut. Avoid confusion and merge all. Remove support lines and comment that should not be cut/engraved out of the drawing. Remove all, even invisible, layers, shapes and pictures used as a basis and no longer needed.Get more news about laser cutting line,you can vist our website!

► Remove double lines in the drawing. If there are two lines (on top of each other) in the drawing, the laser will cut them both. So make sure lines do not overlap. For example if you put two squares together, clear one side of one of the squares.

► The color of the lines and planes must be RGB and the opacity (alpha value) must be set to 100%. If it is transparent, even a tiny bit, the laser skips the lines, or engraves the planes with less power.

► Due to the burning away of the material cutting loss (cut width or kerf) occurs. This is different for each material. For wood and acrylic from 3mm to 5mm we hold a cut width of about 0.155mm. The laser will always cut across the center of the line.

► Please note: the cutting loss is dependent on the material and the thickness of the material. For something 'snap-fit' to fit, we recommend that you first make a test on the material in question.

► Make sure that pictures and images are really 'embedded' in the file, and are not linked externally. Then you save your vector drawing, but we do not get the pictures!

► Put text fonts in the drawing to a vector line (path), otherwise the texts will open on our computers in a simple Helvetica font. This will ensure that the text won't be cut in the wrong font!

► If you want to cut out a letter, note that you use a font that is suitable. Most fonts with characters having an enclosed part, will fall as one part out of your material. Such as eg in e, p, or a. Fonts who do get cut properly are called Stencil fonts (also called Army fonts).

► Beware of tiny shapes. Which can go up by the cutting loss or objects with a size of less than 5mm, will fall through the frame of the machine. Therefore, we can not guarantee that we will actually send them!


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