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Service Robots

15 Feb 2023 at 20:47

Service Robots

Service Robots are one of those robots which behave and do work like that of humans and are quite interactive. These robots can do those jobs which sometimes humans are not reluctant to do which includes cleanliness jobs, some dangerous activities, and also includes household chores like dishwashing, cloth washing, etc. Service Robots are programmed in such a way that they perform all the operations automatically based on the algorithms on which they are trained. Service Robots are known for their ability to do activities and taking decisions like any human being. One of the major objectives of service robots is to assist humans in a highly possible way. Their functioning is solely based on programming is done by the Engineers which is done with the help of many programming languages and frameworks. To get more news about GRS, you can visit glprobotics.com official website.

Personal Service Robots –
Personal service robots are those robots that are used for personal use mainly. These robots are mainly brought for self-assistance and for performing non-commercial tasks only. Some of the commonly used Personal Service Robots includes Robots as a domestic servant, automated wheelchair, personal mobility assist robot, and pet exercising robot.

Professional Service Robots –
Professional Service Robots are those robots that are used for professional use only. These robots are mainly brought for commercial use and for performing those activities which involve some dangerous tasks. These Robots are usually operated by Professionally trained operators who are solely dependent on the overall efficient functioning of these robots. They are meant to provide service in companies and offices and public places. Some of the commonly used Professional Service Robots includes cleaning robots for public places, Delivery Robots, fire-fighting robots.


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