qocsuing: North Ridge PA Series Immersed Triple Screw pump

North Ridge PA Series Immersed Triple Screw pump

15 Feb 2023 at 21:47

North Ridge PA Series Immersed Triple Screw pump

The PA series of triple screw pump is specifically designed for applications where there are space limitations. This range can be submerged in the oil and is excellent for lubrication and cooling applications. It can handle various hydraulic and lubricating oils ranging in viscosities from 10 to 400cp. The PA range can produce flow rates up to 51m³/hr and high pressures up to 50 bar.To get more news about screw pump stator, you can visit hw-screwpump.com official website.
This submersible screw pump can be fitted with either standard BSP connections or can come supplied with a filter on the suction port to protect the pump.
Our screw pumps have numerous benefits over other positive displacement pumps such as gear pumps. They produce low noise levels, are compact as no gearbox is required, produce low pulsations, are excellent at self-priming and can handle fluids containing trapped air.

The PA series can be fitted with an Atex motor for installation in non-safe areas. It is marine type approved by ABS, BV and RINA and can be marine witness tested by various classification bodies if required.

The PA series of triple screw pump can be manufactured in various grades of cast iron and can be utilised for various applications within the marine and industrial markets.
Albany Pumps have recently sent a sales engineer to Belgium to meet with a customer who, unfortunately ordered a pump for the wrong application. Due to the time sensitive nature Albany were able to receive the gear pump back into the Lydney workshop, change the direction of the pump and deliver it back to the customer in Belgium within 24Hrs.

The customer said “Thank you very much for all your quick help and good customer service in these pump story, with a positive outcome.”


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