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eToro Review

15 Feb 2023 at 23:47

eToro Review

eToro is a winner for its easy-to-use copy-trading platform, where traders can copy the trades of experienced investors – or receive exclusive perks for sharing their own trading strategies.To get more news about etoro review, you can visit wikifx.com official website.

With over 3,000 tradeable symbols, including CFDs, forex, and exchange-traded securities, eToro offers a comprehensive – albeit slightly pricey – trading experience.
eToro offers a total of 3458 tradeable symbols. The following table summarizes the different investment products available to eToro clients.

Usability: As a multi-asset broker, eToro goes above and beyond to make the experience smooth for traders. For example, eToro provides the ability to select between trading CFDs and the underlying assets directly from the trade-ticket window. A subtle feature, but very useful.

Cryptocurrency: Cryptocurrency trading is available at eToro through CFDs and through trading the underlying asset (e.g. buying Bitcoin). Note: Crypto CFDs are not available to retail traders from any broker's U.K. entity, nor to residents of the U.K. or the Netherlands. In addition, cryptocurrency trading at eToro is not available in Russia.
eToro is a market-maker broker and lists a typical variable spread of 1 pip on the EUR/USD, which is slightly higher than the industry average. Considering its trading fees, retail traders don't choose eToro for its spreads, but rather for its social copy trading platform capabilities.

VIP accounts: eToro offers a VIP club (called eToro Club) with five tiers of membership that range from Silver to Diamond. These tiers are for traders who maintain balances between $5,000-$250,000 and feature varying benefits depending on the level of membership. VIP perks range from access to Trading Central, to discounted withdrawal and deposit fees, to a dedicated account manager – among other VIP-style benefits.

Popular Investor program: eToro's Popular Investor program (for traders who allow other investors to copy their strategy) has four levels – ranging from Cadet to Elite – where traders can become eligible for various perks. To qualify for the Cadet tier you must have more than $1,000 in account equity, attract $500 in customer assets that copy your strategy, and maintain a risk score below 7 for at least two months. Benefits available to Popular Investors include spread rebates, monthly payments, and even a management fee for those who reach elite status.

Cryptocurrency trading: Overall, eToro’s pricing is close to the industry average for trading physical cryptocurrency. For each buy and sell position, users pay a single fixed fee of 1% (on top of the spread) on each side of the trade (both when opening a closing a position).

While trading bitcoin has become a little more expensive (when compared to its prior pricing at 0.75%), eToro has leveled the playing field on nearly 200 crypto assets with its 1% flat rate commission, which can be helpful when trading emerging cryptocurrencies that would have otherwise been more expensive (on its previous fee schedule).

Meanwhile, converting from crypto to crypto at eToro only costs 0.1% (in addition to prevailing spreads). If you want to focus exclusively on trading cryptocurrency, the eToroX platform features even lower fees – but it doesn't offer CFD trading or the range of markets found on the main eToro platform.


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