qocsuing: An Honest Markets.com Review in 2023

An Honest Markets.com Review in 2023

16 Feb 2023 at 00:11

An Honest Markets.com Review in 2023

Markets.com has both CFD and stock broker platforms. We will only cover their CFD broker platform (Marketsx) where you can trade CFDs for crypto, forex, commodities, stocks, and derivatives without taking direct ownership. While the number of trading options might overwhelm traders, the platform provides educational materials to help more advanced traders get to the next level. We will cover Markets.com fees, features, pros and cons, and everything you need to know before you sign up.To get more news about markets.com review, you can visit wikifx.com official website.

Markets.com was founded as GFC Markets before being rebranded as Markets.com. It was purchased by Playtech in 2008, who currently owns it. It is managed by their financials division, Finalto Group.

All instruments on the platform are bought and sold as CFDs tracking the value of assets. They do not sell crypto directly.
Primarily focused on stock, with 1960 listed, followed by forex, ETFs, indexes, commodities, and then crypto.
Markets has 4 different platforms and a mobile app available on iOS and Android. Each platform offers different instruments and tools for different types of traders. Marketsx is their flagship product which offers access to all of their 2200+ CFD instruments. Marketsi is only for trading stock and is not covered in this article.
You can take leverage for most of their instruments including those tracking the value of crypto.
Their charts are powered by Tradingview.
Markets.com also provides news and indices with fundamentals rankings, tip rankings, technical analytics tools, and sentiment reports.
You can’t trade cryptocurrencies on Markets.com in the same way as you can on an exchange. Markets.com doesn’t actually sell crypto and you don’t take ownership of crypto itself. Instead, on Markets.com you are buying contracts for difference (CFDs).

CFDs are a contract with the broker, not an asset or an option to buy an asset. You only make money if the price of the cryptocurrency they are based on moves in the direction you expect. If you take a buy position you expect the price to go up; if you take a sell position you expect the price to go down. When you close your position you either get the difference in price added to your account balance, or, if the price goes against your favor, you must pay the difference in prices out of your account balance. Regardless, you have to close the position or you will lose all the money you put into the CFD.

You cannot buy derivatives like futures or options. The only pseudo-exception is their Bitcoin Futures CFD — where you can take buy or sell positions based on the price of Bitcoin futures.

They also offer CFDs based on currencies, indexes, commodities, stock shares, ETFs, bonds, and their proprietary blends.

Can I Trade With Leverage on Markets.com?
You can take leverage against the crypto CFDs offered by Markets.com with different margin requirements for different cryptocurrencies. Regulators require 3% margin on CFDs, which means brokers can offer up to 30x leverage. Markets.com only offers 2x, 5x, or 10x leverage depending on the cryptocurrency the CFD is based on. EU traders can only take 2x leverage on crypto CFDs.

Exchanges can offer more leverage. For example, Binance offers 20x. On some sites, like Primexbt, BitMEX, and Bybit, traders can take as much as 100x leverage.

In general, CFDs are highly speculative, and traders should tread with caution. More than two thirds of all CFD investors lost money overall. Leverage multiplies this risk by the amount of leverage taken and should be treated with even more caution.

If you take leverage you multiply the potential gains and losses. In the event the price swings against your favor more than the value of the initial investment, you have to keep a large enough balance to cover the difference. This is called margin calls. If you are unable to make the margin calls, your leveraged positions will be liquidated and you will lose the entire principal of the investment plus the balance of your account. However, it’s impossible to owe more money than you have in your account because of Markets’ zero balance protection.

Markets.com offers up to 300x leverage for some CFDs in some countries. In the UK and most EU countries you can’t take more than 30x leverage because of 3% margin regulations.


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