qocsuing: amaran Unveils Its New SM5c RGB Smart LED Light Strip and Extension

amaran Unveils Its New SM5c RGB Smart LED Light Strip and Extension

10 Mar 2023 at 00:53

amaran Unveils Its New SM5c RGB Smart LED Light Strip and Extension

amaran just unveiled its new 16.4' SM5c RGB Smart LED Light Strip, along with a companion light strip extension. Suitable for home entertainment setups, home studios, musicians, livestreamers, podcasters, and content creators, the strip and its extension enable users to set the ideal lighting ambiance in their space via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.To get more news about custom neon signs, you can visit htj-led.com official website.

Delivering 300 RGB LEDs and a 3200 to 6500 Kelvin color-temperature range for customized multicolor lighting, the strip and extension feature a flat cable design that ensures a neat and flexible installation. Their 16.4' length can be extended to a total length of 32.8' when used together for a wider reach. They are controlled by the Sidus Link app for iOS and Android. Additionally, users will be able to design lighting effects and integrate or sync the strip with their existing amaran and Aputure lighting from the app. A built-in microphone can create colorful music visualization effects to any audio track.

Thanks to a frost diffusion layer, glare is minimized while delivering smoother lighting. Three color modes (CCT, HSI, Lighting FX) and support for SidusProFX, including Picker FX, Lighting FX, Manual FX, and Pixel Control, allow for further lighting variety and customization. Compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant enables seamless voice commands.

The SM5c light strip and light strip extension will be available here at B&H. If you have any questions or comments about these products, please drop us a line in the Comments section, below.

LED strip lights, also know as tape or ribbon lights, are being used for a number of applications thereby replacing their incandescent and fluorescent variations. Apart from providing better light, at a lower wattage, LED strips can be used for decorative purposes in and outside of the home.
LED strip lights are designed to be flexible for many different applications, and very easy to install.

LED strip lights are made made in waterproof and non waterproof forms.
LED strip lights are easily modified, you can easily cut off pieces using s good pair of scissors. The strips have cutting points along the length, where you can cut without doing any harm to the circuits.
They come with mounting brackets and or double sided adhesive tape for installation in any configuration.
Strip lighting comes in different color and brightness configurations,including multicolor or alternating colors.
Usually sold by the foot or spool.
Indoors, LED lighting strips are perfect for closets, stair, coves, cabinets, cupboards and more.
Outdoors, these strips can be used in pools, patios, driveways, and on the home exterior.
Many people are turning to LED strip lights since they are easy to use, have a long life, conserve energy, and best of all, they will transform any space into something eye-catching and amazing.


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