TomRiva: Discover Reflected Monsters and Loot in PoE’s Lake of Kalandra Expansion

Discover Reflected Monsters and Loot in PoE’s Lake of Kalandra Expansion

4 May 2023 at 20:44

The Mirror of Kalandra is a rare chaos orbs that lets players create a mirrored copy of an item. The person behind the name, Kalandra, has been a mystery to fans, but Grinding Gear Games will finally reveal the answer in the upcoming expansion, Lake of Kalandra. However, the studio is not stopping there, as the expansion will also introduce a new area with creatures to battle, loot to collect, and changes to the endgame, among other things.

PoE Lake of Kalandra Expansion

The upcoming expansion for Path of Exile covers a wide range of updates and additions, including new items, balance changes to classes, improvements to the endgame, and fresh skill and support gems. The rare beasts will also be revamped. With so much content to look forward to, it's difficult to summarize everything, but Lake of Kalandra promises to offer a lot to the game.

The most notable feature of the upcoming expansion is the new Challenge League. In Lake of Kalandra, players can travel to the mysterious region of the same name to face off against "reflections of Wraeclast" - mirrored monsters from the world of Path of Exile. By using Mirrored Tablets discovered during exploration, players can customize their Lake encounters by adjusting difficulty and other settings. These Tablets enable players to make choices about what type of encounters they will face during their visit to the Lake. Later on, they can even choose to exile, skip, or reroll their choices. In the endgame, players can save a customized Tablet as an item, which they can carry with them and trade.

Reflections with Mirrored Items

After completing a challenge in Lake of Kalandra, you get to choose an item to "reflect" by placing it in a special box. This mirrors its stats, essentially reversing them. For instance, a ring that gives you +135 Life will turn into the same ring with -135 Life, and so on. You can select the item you want to take with you on your journey, allowing players to turn unremarkable items into valuable assets for their builds.

During a recent livestream, Chris Wilson from GGG didn't reveal much about the Lake of Kalandra's backstory. However, exploring the new challenge league could potentially uncover some information about the enigmatic Kalandra. It seems that Kalandra may be a bird-like entity, and their role in the Path of Exile's overarching story will become more evident as players progress through the league.

Endgame and Trickster Changes in Path of Exile's Lake of Kalandra

The upcoming Path of Exile expansion, Lake of Kalandra, brings some exciting changes to the game's endgame and Trickster Ascendancy Class. The Trickster, which has had issues in the past, will receive a significant rework to improve defenses and allow players to manipulate speed. The One Step Ahead option in the Ascendancy will slow down enemies and give players a speed boost that cannot be lowered. The expansion also introduces Memory items containing the past memories of key NPCs, such as Kirac, Niko, and Alva. By applying these memories to completed maps on the Atlas, players can explore nearby maps and face tough challenges for valuable rewards.

A Gem of an Experience

Path of Exile's Lake of Kalandra expansion offers a plethora of new content for players to explore. During the recent livestream, GGG showcased an overwhelming amount of information, including new gems and support gems. To learn more about these additions, head over to the website and check out the livestream.

In other news, the closed beta for the highly anticipated Path of Exile sequel is on the horizon. The beta's release date will be announced during ExileCon 2023, which takes place on the weekend of July 29th. Attendees will even have the opportunity to play the beta at the event. While the sequel may be coming soon, there will still be a significant wait for its release.

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