TomRiva: How to Unlock Every League of Legends Champion for Free

How to Unlock Every League of Legends Champion for Free

22 May 2023 at 21:19

League of Legends (LoL) offers an extensive roster of over 160 champions, but unlocking them all can be a costly and time-consuming endeavor. However, there is a way to significantly reduce the cost and unlock every champion, including upcoming ones, for free. If you are an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, you can take advantage of this opportunity and expand your champion collection at no additional cost.

Free Champion Unlock for Xbox Game Pass Subscribers

Starting from December 12, 2022, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can enjoy the privilege of unlocking every single champion in League of Legends as part of their subscription. As long as you maintain an active Game Pass subscription, you will have access to all the champions in LoL and even unlock newly released champions on the day of their launch.

League of Legends Wild Rift Champion Unlock

The offer to unlock champions for free also extends to League of Legends Wild Rift, the mobile version of the game. However, the champion unlock feature for Wild Rifthas been introduced in January 2023.

Activating Free Champion Unlock

To activate the free champion unlock, you need to link your Xbox and Riot Games accounts and ensure your Xbox Game Pass subscription is active. The process of linking your accounts is straightforward:

Visit the account linking page and log in to both your Xbox and Riot Games accounts.

Once the accounts are linked, you will automatically gain access to choose any champion while playing League of Legends.

Additional Benefits of Xbox Game Pass

For existing Xbox Game Pass subscribers, this offer presents excellent value. Apart from unlocking champions in League of Legends, subscribers can enjoy various bonuses in Riot's other games:

Valorant: Every agent in Valorant will be available for free as part of the subscription.

Legends of Runeterra: Bonus content will be accessible.

Teamfight Tactics: Additional content will be provided.

These bonuses available from December 12, 2022, and once your accounts are linked, the content will automatically be unlocked in each respective game.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers have an exciting opportunity to unlock every champion in League of Legends and League of Legends Wild Rift for free. By linking their Xbox and Riot Games LoL Accounts, players can expand their champion roster at no extra cost. Furthermore, the benefits extend beyond League of Legends, with additional bonuses in Riot's other games.

Take advantage of this incredible value and enhance your gaming experience with Xbox Game Pass. If you don't want to subscribe from Xbox Game Pass and still want to get LoL Accounts, then you can consider buying LoL Accounts from third-party sites, which is a very valuable way to refer. Picking a reliable provider will get you any LoL Smurf Accounts.

When it comes to playing League of Legends (LoL), some players prefer to buy LoL accounts rather than starting from scratch. This trend has gained popularity for various reasons, and RPGStash has emerged as a preferred platform for purchasing LoL accounts.

Why more players choose to buy LoL Accounts at RPGStash

Time Efficiency: Starting a new LoL account from scratch requires a significant amount of time and effort to level up and unlock champions. Buying a pre-leveled LoL account allows players to skip the initial grind and jump right into the action. RPGStash offers a wide selection of pre-leveled accounts with different levels and champion pools, enabling players to find an account that suits their preferences.

Champion Variety: LoL features a vast roster of champions, and unlocking them can be a time-consuming process. By purchasing an account from RPGStash, players can instantly access a broader range of champions and enjoy the flexibility of choosing their favorites. This provides an opportunity to explore different playstyles and strategies without the constraints of starting with a limited champion pool.

Skill Level: Some players prefer to buy LoL accounts at a specific skill level. RPGStash offers accounts with different rankings, allowing players to select an account that matches their desired competitive level. Whether someone wants to start fresh in ranked matches or join higher-tier gameplay immediately, RPGStash provides options to cater to their preferences.

Account Safety and Security: RPGStash prioritizes the safety and security of their customers' accounts. They ensure that the purchased LoL accounts are delivered with a clean record, free from any restrictions or penalties. This provides peace of mind to players, knowing that they are purchasing legitimate and secure accounts.

Competitive Advantage: Buying a pre-leveled LoL account can provide players with a competitive edge. These accounts often come with unlocked runes, skins, and other in-game assets that can enhance the gameplay experience. With a well-equipped account, players can dive into the competitive scene with confidence and stand out among other players.

Customer Support: RPGStash is known for its excellent customer support. They have a dedicated team available to assist customers with any inquiries or issues they may encounter during the purchasing process. This level of support ensures a smooth and reliable buying experience for players.


the decision to Buy LoL Accounts at RPGStash is driven by the desire for time efficiency, champion variety, desired skill levels, account safety, competitive advantages, and reliable customer support. These factors contribute to the increasing number of players choosing RPGStash as their preferred platform for purchasing LoL accounts.


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