TomRiva: Efficient Strategies for Boosting Smithing Levels in RuneScape

Efficient Strategies for Boosting Smithing Levels in RuneScape

5 Jul 2023 at 20:11

Smithing is a valuable skill in RuneScape that requires time and effort to develop. With recent updates improving the smithing experience, now is an opportune time to focus on leveling up. By implementing effective strategies tailored to different stages of progression, players can steadily enhance their smithing skills and reap such as Runescape Gold the rewards.

Leveling Strategies for Different Stages

Levels 1-29

Starting at Level 1, crafting bronze items using copper and tin ores to create bronze bars is the recommended method. Crafting bronze platebody armor provides the highest experience points, despite being resource-intensive. Progress to crafting iron bars and iron platebody armor at Level 10, and then transition to steel bars and steel platebody armor at Level 20, culminating in reaching Level 30.

An alternative option for a quick boost is completing The Knight’s Sword quest, offering an EXP Lamp that instantly boosts Smithing skill to Level 29. Another quest, What's Mine Is Yours, provides Smithing experience and can be completed with a Smithing level of 5.

Level 30-55

At Level 30, players can start crafting mithril bars and create mithril platebody armor as the most effective method until Level 40. Progress to crafting adamant bars and adamant platebody armor until reaching Level 50. Finally, crafting rune burial sets becomes the optimal way to reach Level 55.

The Efficiency of Crafting Platebody Armor

Crafting platebody armor is the most efficient choice for leveling up smithing. While progression through different ores is necessary, crafting platebody armor remains the optimal option compared to other armor pieces. Upon reaching the pinnacle of smithing, further leveling may not be required.

Using OSRS Gold to Boost Smithing Levels

Players can also utilize OSRS Gold to purchase materials and expedite the smithing process, allowing for rapid progress and potentially achieving 99 Smithing in a short time. Platforms like RPGStash offer Cheap RS Gold for players looking to enhance their smithing journey.


Smithing is a valuable skill in RuneScape that offers both profitability and personal development. By following efficient strategies tailored to different leveling stages, players can gradually enhance their smithing proficiency. Whether choosing to craft platebody armor or utilizing OSRS Gold for faster progress, dedication and perseverance are key to achieving success in the world of smithing.


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