Creswellda: It become unknown whether or not or now not the devs

It become unknown whether or not or now not the devs

6 Nov 2023 at 20:23
First of all, it turn out to be unknown whether or not Dark And Darker Gold Coins or not the GoFundMe advertising campaign was real through the devs or a rip-off initiated via a horrific actor. The Dark And Darker team brief knowledgeable the community at the reputable Discord server that it become a valid donation page that went stay because of a dedicated member that desired to help the sport flourish.


The GoFundMe hyperlink is valid, but it became for use later if vital. It have become posted this morning with out approval because of a passionate member of the team taking subjects into his very very own hands. We've got currently paused the campaign for now as it turned into earlier introduced. We recognize the good sized amount of assist proven in this sort of little amount of time!” Reads the professional Discord declaration.


It become unknown whether or not or now not the devs could keep the cash however it looks as if refunds are being issued. In a rare turn of activities, the network wishes the crew to take their money and invest in the sport, so most clients are not glad with the restitution. Although, Ironmace might be returning the cash due to any capability legal issues that could emerge from those donations, or the smooth goodwill of the group may also genuinely be the case.


There is additionally a possibility that the early get admission to version of Dark And Darker could be launching soon after the delisting on Steam due to robbery allegations, this is rumored to be going somewhere amongst a $30 to $forty rate tag. Consequently, a donation marketing campaign ought to no longer have made feel due to the deliver of an early get admission to model. Enthusiasts have praised the decision with the aid of the developers buying Dark And Darker Gold, and the exact purpose remains unknown.


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