yanxuebao: The trend of two featured informs FC 24

The trend of two featured informs FC 24

12 Jan 2024 at 18:23

With the team competing in the top division, you will have a decent amount EA FC 24 Coins of funds. You will also have access to top players like Sergi Darder and Joselu and youngsters like Vinicius Souza and Adria Pedroa, who can make you a top contender for fighting for Europe in a few seasons.

4 Villarreal B 
Villarreal B emerges as the Reserve team of the famous club Villareal, and they are in the second division of Spanish Football. You can try to pick them up in the Career Mode and make them better than the primary team and even the other big sides in La Liga.

Considering that they are the second team, you will find a plethora of young talents, and they will be pretty influential as they grow. Moreover, you will not have to worry about aging players, making the task a little easier.

3 FC Andorra 
FC Andorra has caught the attention of mainstream media thanks to it being owned by Gerard Piqueacute;. This gives a perfect storyline for you to focus on while rebuilding the club in the Career Mode of FC 24.

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You will be able to find it playing in La Liga 2, and it would take a couple of seasons to get the club promoted. Following that, the main task of establishing the team as a regular in La Liga and, eventually, Europe would begin. It may end up taking 7ndash;8 seasons or even more to complete this rebuild.

2 UD Ibiza 
If you want a long rebuild at a club in Spain, UD Ibiza will probably be the best option EA FC Coins for sale that you can go for. You can try to convert them into a footballing giant and make the popular tourist destination a top-tier team in FC 24 Career Mode.


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