yanxuebao: The trend of two featured informs FC 24

The trend of two featured informs FC 24

17 Jan 2024 at 18:33

The only upside of this SBC in terms of value is the FC 24 Coins Croatian links these two provide for future squad-building. Were not sure yet how hard EA is going to steer into Nation-based SBCs and objective squads in the future, so it something to keep in mind.

Neither of these cards screams terrific value for what youre getting out of an 84-rated squad. Youre probably best off saving some of your fodder for future SBCs, or start saving towards Icon SBCs and other valuable players.

Should You Complete The Base Icon Upgrade Pack In FC 24?


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This means this SBC is a bit of a hard sell. In this guide, well take a look at how to complete the SBC and whether it worth your coins.

How Much Is The Base Icon SBC? 
The Base Icon SBC is currently coming in at around 200k at first estimates, although this will be significantly lower if you already have the 87-rated fodder waiting around in your club. That actually okay value for this SBC. Well take a look at why in a minute.

How To Complete The Base Icon SBC
To complete this Icon SBC youll need:

An 85-rated squad with no special requirements An 87-rated squad with one 88+ player 
These are very reasonable requirements, and it likely that some if not most players have some decently-rated fodder sitting around in their club that they can redeem for a EA FC Coins for sale chance to get their hands on something special.

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