yanxuebao: The trend of two featured informs FC 24

The trend of two featured informs FC 24

24 Jan 2024 at 18:41

From the outset, you will be asked what your tactical vision is. You can choose
EA FC 24 Coins from seven tactical visions, each with their own unique tactics. New training plans and pre-match reports are also new. This should give you the dge over your opponents when preparing for a big game.

Alongside your players, your coaches will improve over time as they gain experience. The tactical expertise from your coaches will help to improve different areas of your players’ games too, so choose wisely. This is the first step to creating a club legend.

The big new feature in FC 24 Ultimate Team this season is Evolutions. Being able to upgrade and transform your favourite players is a huge win in our eyes. 

For the first time ever, female players are also available. Five new leagues have been added to the game too, giving you more options when building your squad.

As ever, you will be able to compete in Rivals, Squad Battles, and FUT Champions this season. There is also a handy new ‘claim all’ button after you complete objectives, buy FC Coins so you don’t have to fiddle around collecting your rewards from the main menu.


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