yanxuebao: There's an opportunity although Madden 24

There's an opportunity although Madden 24

2 Feb 2024 at 19:35

 Gerard Warren, DT, Florida - 3rd overall, Cleveland 2001

I wonder to myself whether there could be some controversy about the inclusion of Warren. He was a player in the Madden NFL 24 from 2001 to 2011 , playing for The Browns, Broncos, Raiders and Patriots. Courtney Brown's teammate on each of his teammates the Browns as well as the Broncos, Warren was supposed to assist in bringing Cleveland into an era of new energy and vigor , due to having the top three picks for three straight seasons.

The top picks of the century. Do you need some Madden NFL 24 Draft positive affirmation? Check out the 10 best picks teams have made from the draft.

Alongside Tim Couch, Brown, and Warren The team will soon forget that the Ravens took home this Super Bowl in 2000. Right? This is so Cleveland.

Although Couch or Brown were mostly just bad opponents, Warren is merely a disappointment who was taken over by excellent players at a point that Cleveland had to finally get one right. They did not. Warren had a few very great seasons at the center of the defensive line making 1550 total tackles 16.5 sacks. He also had nine pass deflections , and seven forced fumbles within 4 seasons for the Browns. It's a good number, but consider the situation of the Madden NFL 24 Draft.

Warren was taken after Michael Vick and Leonard Davis two players who played in seven Pro Bowl appearances. (Though Davis has an argument as a bust for himself.) And then came Warren. Then came Four-time Pro Bowl, All-Pro Justin Smith. Next came five-time Pro Bowl, three-time All-Pro running back LaDainian Thomason. And then came seven-time Pro Bowl, three-time All-Pro Richard Seymour. Even the next pick, Andre Carter, made one Pro Bowl and has 78.5 lifetime sacks.

The biggest knock against Warren could be the his status as a company at the top of the draft, but it's just to illustrate how poor the Browns are at drafting. Warren is among six players who have made it to a Pro Bowl. There is only one thing that might be more problematic is that the Browns' next pick, wide receiver Quincy Morgan, is also sandwiched between six players who played in a Pro Bowl. (Reggie Wayne, Todd Heap, Drew Brees, Kyle Vanden Bosch, Alge Crumpler, Chad Johnson.)

Brown, Warren, Couch and Morgan are only a few examples of why the Browns have been so terrible for so long. The worst talent assessors who simply picked the wrong players. However, on the bright side, they did locate two players that could be included on this list.

Cleveland is an amazing city!

Honorable Mention: This is where we can fit Mut 24 coins Leonard Davis. Taken a pick ahead of Warren and you wouldn't think of getting guards and that's the situation with Arizona in addition to Davis. Davis played for six years with the Cardinals who shifted around the line from right guard and a weak left tackle, before departing the team to make the Pro Bowl guard with the Cowboys. Davis can have a good career and all yet is just another wrinkle on the front of Cardinals draft record.

8. Amobi Okoye, DT, Louisville - 10th overall, Houston, 2007

I'd like to start by saying that Okoye has always been a player of cheap madden 24 coins distinction.


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