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cigarette case positive

24 Jun 2016 at 05:43
Marlboro cigarettes in this subject tonal choose red and white two main color, cigarette case positive to Marlboro font Marlboro Cigarettes is the focus of the design, forming the pyramid shaped composition, and the dismantling of the "Marlboro" for "men always remember ladies because of romance only. With red tone, expression in Marlboro Lights human body and achievements of young people with ambition and dream of philosophy, Marlboro Red inverted V shape design, meaning the world peak is the inverted V shaped red block without words or names, #uhygU7FBfybIFYTiok620# people see a knew this is Marlboro cigarettes. Inverted V-shaped and Marlboro text matched lining, is more of a challenge the limits, improve the spirit of self, below the red inverted V type is also printed on the classic Marlboro Carton Of Newports logo, the logo has a characteristic very much, on both sides of the roughly symmetrical but there is a subtle difference between the standing horse shaped pattern, on the left side of the horse's head much a crown, two horses are holding among dark red oval pattern, intermediate capital letters PM will highlight the core of the logo design, the logo design, whether in shape or in the choice of the color, are consistent with the public's taste, let people from the bottom of my heart for the signs have a favorable impression.
Finally, he finally got tired, decided to flee the exotic, before you go, do not even want to see her side, no matter how she pleaded. Finally, she said, I found a new cigarette case, you have no style...... As a result, he came.. Guan Chunfang: you are inspired by what?Professor Zang: this symbol is ready, I will give into the heart. But in this way no Marlboro cigarette. In 2000 I went to the United States to attend an international conference, Newport Cigarettes Price to thirty Foreign Minister of the Ministry of health, I went to the book when the participants and symbols to all participating foreign ministers.
I remember one time, I just put in a new production of tobacco in Hubei Yellow Crane Tower (hard red), Yellow Crane Tower (hard large color) put on my counter, I met such a customer to buy carton of marlboro reds, he said. :. "I had a few days to his son to marry a wife to use tobacco, smoke and I do not know what is good, you Newport Cigarettes sell cheap marlboro free shipping, you gave me about 20 dollars and sell me a cigarette," I am ready to put in my hand Yellow Crane Tower (hard red) to him, I said: "this is a new cigarette that we just listed today, it is the Hubei tobacco introduced a new low-tar cigarettes new, his tar is 8mg, for low tar bodily harm is relatively Online Cigarettes small, but the box is red, looks very festive, very suitable for wedding occasions smoke, it also filters and other cigarette different filter in the center of a plum blossom-shaped hole, which is Yellow Crane Tower is a high-tech cheap newport 100 cigarette factory.


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