Cadencealida: Players are eager for Madden 21 to reduce x-factor player capabilities

Players are eager for Madden 21 to reduce x-factor player capabilities

3 Mar 2020 at 21:17

Brand new engine and better pass coverage make your Madden 21 feature wish list more important. GameMS will bring more latest news about Madden 21, and you can also buy MUT 20 Coins here with cheap price.

Nothing is disappointing on the NFL's calendar: At present, the other 31 teams are trying to emulate this year's Kansas City Chiefs to lift the Lombardi trophy, and so are the characteristics of Madden 21. The Super Bowl is officially over, and the next game is months away. Don't have time to cycle through social media and other forums to accept every last suggestion? The immediate need of fans is to reduce the ability of X-Factor.

The subtitles for Madden 20 are a mechanism called Superstar X-Factors: specific personal characteristics that are triggered by completing a series of in-game actions, which make people like Pat Mahomes and Tom Brady truly feel different. However, there is a feeling in the community that it has brought these players to almost arcade levels-not conducive to what should be a simulated football game.

"I think attributes alone can accurately describe a player's specific skills," tosstamer1 wrote on the official EA forum. Russell Wilson has 86 speeds and Kyler Murray has 92 speeds. But Wilson runs much faster than Murray because he owns the Escape Artist X-Factor and Murray doesn't. It doesn't make sense. "Although he wants X-Factor to be completely removed, tosstamer1 does think that some features can be further developed." Some abilities do not make the player an OP. Route Apprentice, No-Look Deadeye and Blitz Radar are all cool because they don't make the gameplay like arcade games. "

The x-factor is indeed a very creative gameplay, but it is too powerful, and it affects the balance between players. In the current version, you can choose to buy those players with the x-factor, which will perform better. Buy Madden Coins at GameMS, you will get any player card you want



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