Just keep grinding and also the job will pay off

Just keep grinding and also the job will pay off

That's a very good construct

Definitely got everything you're going for. Its a mad fun build also. I opted for 10 playmaking badges this time around so I can place a lil more stats in defense because I made my guy shorter, but I made one just like yours in 20 and it might do it all and catch bodies with the best of em.That's what I have been using and I was sad when I noticed that yellow/red no more has contact dunks. I am rocking a two way finisher red/blue.

I am having a lot of fun with this construct also so far really happy I left it haven't brought it into the playground yet but once I'm badged up etc it'll be insane.My badge disperse is 1/21/21/10 had to make sure I had a good amount of def badges for my own lack of height.I made blake griffin build from when he was leaping over cars and whatnot.

Not quite sure yet. But I'm hyped I have that many and do not need to use some on QuickDraw haha. And silver volume shot. That is just off the top of my head tho, could be missing a badge I would like to have.Just keep grinding and also the job will pay off.

It really is. I've seen others use different variations with this construct. But maybe not precisely how I made it. So I keep the specific tweaks to myself. I feel like vertical has slept on. When I get my gym rat badge. His vertical is going to be a 99. Looking ahead.

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