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Dazhong Jinan, July 23 (Reporter Wang Zongyang) Zhao Zhen my peers and friends, spicy pen ball is my friends friend said no matter how the outside world, I hope they can sit down and talk. at 22:40 on the 23rd, Zhao Zhen friends - surnamed Zhang Dazhong reporter was interviewed by a reporter, Dazhong reporter to restore the so-called frame the scene about. Faced Jinan police and the police rapid reaction capacity,abercrombie pas cher, he and Zhao Zhen are about frame deeply sorry. According to Zhang told reporters, about 23,hogan outlet, at 8 oclock,moncler pas cher, spicy pen ball contacted Zhao Zhen,woolrich uomo, said he had arrived in Jinan, and about under the PK time and place - 9:30 p.m., in Jinan City Lixia District, across from the Haier Greentown Rose Garden to see the site. He and Zhao Zhen at about 21:00,moncler outlet, arrived near the site waiting. 21:10 or so,hogan outlet, the Jinan Municipal Public Security Detachment of the person in charge and responsible person Cave Road police station arrived at the scene to prevent the unexpected happens. Zhang told reporters that they waited until 10 oclock at night,herve leger sale, spicy pen ball still did not appear. During hot pen ball tweeting that he had arrived at the scene, but until 10:20 or so, the two sides never meet. It is reported that at 23:26 on the 23rd, Zhao Zhen updated microblogging: Just back to the room,B8380XxrO7, as has been made in the police record, later long Weibo and we elaborate the details, the truth of how you judge for yourself. For Jinan police and the police rapid reaction capability,gXLyXlnBBS, Zhang told reporters Zhao Zhen, and he felt very sorry: In the scene,peuterey, police comrades have told us that the famous springs in Jinan with springs also implies a quiet,hollister sale, serene and sweet welcome We come,, but not to fight for alerted the police,hogan outlet,, we are very sorry. Zhao Zhen is my peers and friends, spicy pen ball is my friends friend said no matter how the outside world,abercrombie france,, I hope that they will sit down and talk about it. After all,air max, there is no substantive contradiction, just a sentence or two on the Internet and does not,,hogan outlet, and will not fight. Related News   Jinan police warning front,hogan outlet, reporters about frame attempted Dazhong reporters investigations showed that approximately two planes reporters about 9:30 tonight at the Rose Garden in Jinan met through a friend and personal micro-letters,hollister, microblogging constantly sun whereabouts, both said has reached about aircraft location, but no see each other. It is reported that the police have already warning that night Jinan front, promptly dispatched,TN56Jwr6Hd, and the parties were education, the proper handling of the incident. Shenyang, Nanjing,scarpe hogan, Jinan, two sports reporters about frame @ Jinan Public Security severe tongue-lashing mediate Recently,, two sports reporters on the microblogging recrimination and intensified, 23 am, the two sides began online about planes, large V football newspaper reporter Zhao Zhen is set from Shenyang to Jinan flights, with the screen name @ hot Meet Jinan ball pen,doudoune moncler pas cher, a showdown. @ Hot pen ball responded today to the high-speed rail ride from Nanjing,hollister france, Jinan, no later than 6:00 before to. But the two had yet to go to war, @ Jinan Public Security microblogging mediate and said: Whoever is in Jinan involving crimes,scarpe hogan, equally,hogan, will not be tolerated! According to the latest news tonight, they have arrived in Jinan, but did not see above, Jinan police have been processed in time for the event.

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