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NBA 2K21 Release Date Info And Feature Preview Revealed

On Monday, special programs began to be provided to select NBA 2K21 influencers, the famous YouTuber Troydan went to social media to share his unboxing information.

There is no specific release date in the video, but what is certain is that NBA 2K20 MT will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in September. It may also apply to the PC and Nintendo Switch versions, but this has not been confirmed.

This eliminates the possibility of delays caused by COVID-19 and NBA season suspensions. With the release of the game in September, we are likely to see games that function more like NBA 2K20.5 because we don’t know which rookies will appear in the league because the NBA draft will not be held until October. Soon after the draft is published, there may be a lot of roster updates. However, at the initial release, the roster looked more like a season-end episode.

For MyTeam, MyCareer and other modes, I hope there are some spicy inclusions, I will introduce more later.

A few months ago, I expected Williamson and the late Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers to become cover players for the game. After seeing the original trailer, I am ready to double this prediction.

Simmons said that Williamson was not only the featured athlete in the trailer, but in the second video, Simmons said: "Man, they are covered (cut out)?" This sounds like seeing "Black "Mamba" unveiled some of the legendary reactions.

According to the preview in the Troydan video, we will determine this in July.

Will NBA 2K21 become the next generation console champion? We are still not sure about the answer to this question because the release date of the "next level" NBA 2K21 is listed as "Holiday 2020", which is the same as the non-specific details of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

If the new season is scheduled to begin on December 1, we can expect the next generation of Buy 2K20 MT to be launched sometime in November, because 2K usually releases new games a few weeks before the NBA starts.

Denver Broncos: Predicting offensive star Madden 21 ratings

Since the late 1980s, John Madden has provided us with an interesting video game. In 2020, EA will launch the latest version of popular games. The Denver Broncos are expected to become a highly rated team. If you want to build your own ultimate team in the game, MUT Coins is your biggest support.

Denver has been neglected in scoring. Even in the Super Bowl 50 games, the Broncos were the Losers of the Carolina Panthers. However, this is not surprising, because Carolina's record in the regular season is 15-1.

The Broncos have a lot of new things on offense, including defender Melvin Gordon, quarterback Drew Lock and Jerry Jeudy and KJ Hamler .

Sutton had an overall score of 76 at the start of the 2019 season. By the middle of the season, his overall score was 80. With the arrival of the Super Bowl, Sutton's overall score was 84. This is a major improvement throughout the season. It's clear that Sutton has indeed improved. But as far as overall ratings are concerned, this is a solid starting point. Sutton will continue to prove to everyone that he deserves a rating in the 1990s.

Locke showed great hope in the five games he participated as a rookie in 2019, and it is worth raising the overall rating in "Breakout 21". Heck, he is much better than a rookie.

One of the biggest factors influencing the player's overall score is awareness. Locke must experience on-site the things that are critical to its development (ie reading, accuracy, etc.). That will definitely increase his popularity (71 in Madden 20).

Locke scored 118.8 when he threw midfield (more than 20 yards). When he threw 10 yards on the right side of the field, his score was 116.5, and between 10 and 20 yards on the left, his score was 104.2.

During the offseason before the (scheduled) training camp, Locke stayed with some of his recipients. He should be able to get enough time on the pass catcher, which will help MUT 21 Coins and eventually improve his ranking in the game.

NBA 2K21 confirms support for PS5, showing the first shot

Sony announced in the "Future of Gaming" event on Tuesday that it will be selected for NBA 2K21, a long-term simulation basketball franchise of 2K Sports this year.

In the trailer shown in the live broadcast, 19-year-old New Orleans Pelicans rookie Zion Williamson (Zion Williamson), he was the first overall pick in last year's NBA draft. In the video, Williamson dribble and dunk on the driving range, the video is called "actual PlayStation 5 pre-alpha NBA 2K21 shot". This cool skill is what every player wants to have, and now NBA 2K20 MT can let you easily have the same skill.

After the Sony event, the trailer released by 2K Sports was expanded and Williamson and GNBA Thomas, co-founder of NBA 2K developer Visual Concepts, provided more in the introduction before the "Engine" screen details. After a countdown of only two seconds, Thomas explained: "This is the total time it takes to load the NBA 2K21 on the PS5." Sony had touted the speed of the console’s custom solid-state drive and promised to basically eliminate what gamers knew Loading time.

2K Sports said in a press release: "For the next generation, NBA 2K21 will have greatly improved loading speed, unmatched visual fidelity and unmatched content breadth." "Fans can expect new game features, game modes, brands Partnerships, social events, gaming experiences and new soundtracks, these records will make records the most authoritative music collection in video games."

The description of the trailer shows that "NBA 2K21 is completely built for PS5", and it also promises "the next generation of graphics, loading time and power." The game is scheduled to debut this fall. Every year NBA 2K usually arrives in late September. This year's work may be released on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PS5, Windows PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. I believe that in this change, 2K21 MT will make players more confident. After all, reaching the peak in the game is the wish of every player.

Madden 21 trailer leaves fans feeling 'underwhelmed' in first reactions to gameplay

EA Sports released the "Madden NFL 21" unveiling trailer this morning, which is not what people expected.

This trailer was fired for several weeks and was even delayed by EA Sports. Therefore, when the trailer finally arrived here, fans were expecting something substantial. On the contrary, our description of what might be new features is very vague. All fans see titles, followed by gameplay, there is no more context about what these things Madden 21 Coins even mean.

We got four main title cards, which means that EA Sports put more emphasis on these important functions. But one of them is "user-controlled celebrations." I like to play Madden, but figuring out the celebration I want to make is a very minor feature, and when you get enough touchdowns, it becomes obsolete. In addition, this function seems to already exist in the game, when you reach the end area of ??"Blast 20", you can choose from four different celebrations.

Since EA Sports did not expand its meaning in the trailer, fans have been wondering whether the developers have made any changes.

Several other people who watched the trailer went to Twitter to provide their response. Most of them provide the same criticism as you do each year. A similar criticism is: "Madden is just a $60 roster update." However, due to the limited functionality shown in the trailer, this year's criticism seems more reasonable.

As for what fans really want to see in the trailer, then what fans have wanted for years: an improved franchise model.

In recent years, EA Sports no longer provides functions for the franchise model, but invests its time in MUT 21 Coins, because it allows them to make more money. The franchise model used to be the reason why fans like to play Madden, but now, it has become like a bone.

Fans hope to see the Madden 21 trailer improve. Obviously, EA Sports still has time to add features to the affiliate model. But the trailer certainly did not convince anyone that the franchise model is being overhauled.

New Falcons all-white uniforms spotted in 'Madden 21' game trailer

In case you missed it, the official "Maden 21" trailer and game cover were unveiled on Tuesday morning, and as expected, there were a lot of MUT Coins throughout the process.

Although the trailer is packed with highlights from players such as Jackson, Christian McCaffrey, Russell Wilson and Sacquian Barkley, there are also some interesting scenes with funny faces in the new places-such as those wearing pirate uniforms Tom Brady, Joe Burrow in a new black coat. And the orange Bengalis are dumb, while Chase Young is dressed in Redskins wine red and gold.

At the beginning of the video, he also sneaked a peek at the Allegient Stadium, the new home of the Las Vegas Wizards. Now, if you want to see the highlights of Julio Jones, Todd Gurley or Dante Fowler, please don't hold your breath-because there is nothing. Thanks, EA Sports. However, the Falcon was not completely abandoned on the trailer, which lasted about one minute and thirty seconds.

At about the 27-second mark, Falcon fans can glimpse the new all-white uniforms-they look cute. In a wonderful moment of three seconds, Saints guard Alvin Kamara grabbed the pass, moved towards the Falcons guard, and was then knocked down by full-back Deion Jones.

EA Sports did wear Todd Gurley in an all-black uniform and face off with his former driver. This is another highlight. It didn't become an official trailer, but it's still fun to watch (below).

During the offseason, along with the Falcons, the Rams, Browns, Butch, and Spurs all changed uniforms, and all five teams participated in the trailer. The Falcons launched their new uniform on April 8, which was the team's first redesign in 17 years.

Although the trailer does not say whether the role of madden 21 coins will change, there is no doubt that players will not change their views on Buy Madden 21 Coins, which will still make a hot link.

The Path of Exile: A Declaration of Balance on Harvest Expansion

"Grinding Gear Games" released a new manifesto for "Path of Exile" development. The publisher revealed more about what it hopes to improve with Harvest expansion.

GGG said that each expansion will bring an opportunity to reassess the current goals, improve the current weak game mechanics, and reduce the power of those too strong games.

Two-handed weapons and slow attacks are one of the areas to be enhanced in the path of exile. This type of weapon is very likely to obtain a rich POE Currency, but with the passage of time, its ability has declined relative to one-handed weapons. In harvesting, GGG hopes to restore this power while maintaining risk.

Generally, they are slower than one-handed weapons and do not have the mechanical devices that come with shields or dual-handed weapons. But now they have more defensive advantages. Slow and heavy blows can now cause enough damage, and even the toughest bosses can be dazed without having to invest too much in amazing machinery. New area effects and powerful sources of damage inherited from the area, and can unlock the passive points of life and defense as needed. Includes new options for defensive crying effects and new Armor cornerstones.

Another good news for Harvest will be the brand. Their design gives them the ability to clean the area with negative play and damage the boss with minimal downtime. This usually means that the branded characters did not participate in many challenging mechanisms, but ran around waiting for the death of the enemy.

The purpose of these changes is to make Kramos something more influential in the battle. At the risk of standing still and using skills while surrounded by enemies, this also paid off greatly. Multiple different calls can now be used. This is a great opportunity for a lot of POE Items, so that you can use them in a variety of ways in one character. Several new Clamores passive groups have been added. This guarantees more investment to recover from the cooling method, faster use time, when using the "Strike" attack to give a strong damage bonus and reward multiple "crying" use.

June 19 will release "Path of Exile" 3.11 Harvest Alliance Content

The challenge of the POE Delirium League is coming to an end, and the developer Grinding Gear Games has also released the details of the next update, which lasted about three months, reminding the exiles to prepare for the June update.

The new extension of POE is Harvest. It requires players to plant seeds in the garden, but the harvest is not POE Currency or plants, but dangerous monsters. Not only that, you also need to fight them and get what you want from them.

In Harvest, it introduces new skills and mechanisms to function, similar to the system of obtaining resources through farming and crafts. In a garden called Sacred Grove, your task is to find seeds, sow seeds, grow into various monsters, and finally destroy them yourself.

You can find a seed cache in each area you explore, plant a level 1 seed, and after killing a growing monster, a higher level of seed will be generated, at which time you can continue to plant and kill the monster. Harvest's alliance mechanism. With so many changing league mechanics, this will definitely bring interesting gameplay.

Monsters killed by you can provide you with Lifeforce to make recipes, that is to say, you can fully customize the battle according to the character's ability and the rewards sought. In order to gain more vitality, it is necessary to plant more types of seeds.

Compared with the previous expansion, this is a simplified league, and even low-level players have the same opportunity to obtain advanced equipment through POE Orbs. Moreover, various in-game resources (such as currency items) can be obtained in the game and are not affected by previous external resources. Therefore, this is also a good update for those who are just beginning to play Exile.

What Animal Crossing fans buy the most, from furniture to items

Forget Nook's Cranny or Able Sisters store. The entire economy and market exist outside of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, where players can buy and sell Nook miles Ticket. In turn, this means that we can track which players are truly coveted and considered valuable.

Polygon touched two markets to learn about the most fashionable products in the game. These sites work roughly the same, because players can post a list of items or services to be sold, and can buy anything from bells to villagers. Although each popular item is slightly different, there is still overlap-they together provide a feeling that players understand the game.

Many of these items are meaningful. Nook Miles tickets have become the actual tender for various animal transit transactions, purchases and services. If you are going to a stranger's island for an event, or want a villager to go to the island, you may cough some NMT.

The cutting board is not only cute, but also one of the most sought-after furniture in the whole game: the necessary handmade materials for the iron-wood kitchenette. Kitchen accessories have actually become an elite symbol for fans. And, since you earned extra points for matching sets of furniture at the "House of Joy" Academy, it's no wonder that Ironwood dressers are also on the list.

The crescent chair is also very cute. My wish list is space-themed furniture. Technically, hunting materials are basically generated on your island, but the growth rate is very slow. However, the process of moving up and down the island, making each clam lam occupy space in the inventory, and then making each bait separately is annoying. Of course, people would rather just buy bait.

It is also worth noting that the Nookazon page will be devoted to the most popular products of the day. For example, today the Crescent Chair occupies the first place, while Buy Animal Crossing Bells is in the top five, seasonal furniture and limited-time furniture are in the top ten. Also. Players who want to Buy Animal Crossing Bells can go to IGGM to buy, and you will get cheap and safe bells.

Here Comes Five Best Starter Builds Guide For Path of Exile 3.10 Delirium

"Path of Exile 3.10 Delirium" has been released, this chapter has many parts that you need to complete, some of them are very simple, and some are very difficult. If you choose the difficult version, then you will encounter great trouble. This is why we are here to help you find the five best entry versions. After completing these simple builds, you will get a lot of rewards including POE Currency. If you are interested, please continue reading.

Since the path of exile: The League of Rogues was successfully released, now is the perfect time to share some good entry-level versions with you. If you are a novice, you should note that this is important because it may make a difference between enjoying the game or giving up on frustration. Moreover, if you are already a veteran, you may understand that a good start can lay the foundation for the success of other members of the alliance. Choose this carefully, you will have a huge advantage over others, and more POE Delirium currency can provide funds for other characters you want to play.

The good news is that all five versions I will list below have been tested by many players of "Path of Exile". All of these builds can be used as entry-level builds for many leagues, and have proven to be reliable for new players and veterans.

This is a very safe and powerful totem build that started in a brand new league. In fact, the build can simply be used with anything you pick from the ground, and because it is a totem build, it is very safe you start to slow down and freeze all the people around, which is another layer of defense. The boss fight is much easier than before, put on a totem, and then run around to see how the boss HP dissipates.

We all agree that great architecture should start with a new economy or explore SSF, because every part of the gear can be made, and we do not rely on any particular uniqueness to make architecture play a role in the path of exile. If you have never tried POE Exalted Orb before, then this construction will allow you to easily upgrade to the endgame.

The Paradox of Time Travel in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The science fiction novelist H.G. Wells wrote in his novella "Time Machine" that the matter of time travel does not seem to be complicated. His eponymous machine is made of "brass, ebony, ivory and translucent shimmering quartz". If you only have the right tools, it is like a mechanical device that can be pieced together in real life. To travel for thousands of years, all Time Traveler needs in his story is to pull the right joystick and twist the right knob on the machine.

Just like the classic science fiction story, the journey through time and space in Animal Crossing: New Horizons feels relatively simple. There is indeed no puzzling hacker: just enter the system menu, adjust the "Date and Time" setting, and then select the Animal Crossing Bells and time you want to use. This may be the closest time for us to experience all the wonders of time travel. This phenomenon in the new horizon has now been accepted by the public. Keep going and earn your fortune.

Through time travel, players can participate in various tricks: play the radish stem market, catch outdated fish and insects, or cross hybrid flowers in the blink of an eye. However, irresponsible time travel does have consequences. Your fruit will rot in a few minutes. Some villagers will feel neglected and leave your island-it seems that they no longer exist due to the passage of time. Your house will see unwanted guests in the form of cockroaches, and your island will soon be infected with weeds, which lowers your island score. Although its influence is quite modest in magnificent things, these events are somewhat similar to the old-fashioned and more important methods of space-time exploration in the sci-fi genre.

The consequences of these time-travels in New Horizons are shadowed by the butterfly effect, where small changes may cause earthquake changes in unpredictable ways. Jumping too far, trying to catch valuable off-season creatures, you may find that valuable radish stocks are rotten and worthless. Regardless of being addicted to a dull bell, New Horizons’s misfortunes will ultimately not change the island in the manner of ACNH Bells, which is the same as the author of the novel Ray Bradbury (Ray Bradbury). "A Sound of Thunder" is different.

In this short story, when a hunter accidentally stepped on a butterfly while traveling far away, the world experienced subtle and significant changes. For example, even the spoken English used in the alternative universe is slightly different from the current version of Hunter. Of course, players can also feel the changes in the game on the IGGM website Buy Animal Crossing Bells.

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