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The world of warcraft online game as the highest honor

2012 online game developers conferences have announced. "world of warcraft" and Raph Koster will be awarded the highest honor online industry.To get more news about safely buy wow gold, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

Praise the world of warcraft not only greatly promoted the development of online industry, at the same time in operation in the recent eight years' time is still popular, there is still a user from all over the world, actively join. The upcoming release of the new expansion is expected to create the new record, make this one brand is all the more remarkable become the contemporary popular culture is an important mark. "World of warcraft" will be after the endless task "and" network of Genesis, into the "Select online award honorary Palace" the third paragraph of the online.

And online world legendary producer Raph Koster will be awarded "online game Legend award". He had participated in the development of like the network genesis "and" Star Wars Galaxy "such masterpieces of online games, the work involved in the program, art, design and community management, in the industry is to respect and have great influence. He is now Playdom competent creative design of the vice president.

The award ceremony will be held on October 10. In the United States held Austin, Texas, when blizzard team and Raph Koster will attend to accept the award.

The annual global Game Developers Conference (Game Developers Conference) network Game part coming in early October this year in the United States capital, Austin, Texas began, at present this congress awards nominations are in succession, of which the "world of warcraft" won GDC palace level network Game nomination, specific awards will be subject to the player vote and attend the Game Developers decision. If no accident, world of warcraft will smoothly into the third paragraph GDC palace level network game, this also is the global network game one of the highest honor.

Can say famous game developers Raph Koster and blizzard games design style is completely different, but in this year's game industry developers online meeting, they also obtained the field people's identity, and will belong to their own game design awards brought home.
Koster development works including sandbox type open Online "network of genesis (Ultima Online) and Star Wars: the Milky Way" (Star Wars Galaxies), the received award for "Online game masters award".

And blizzard's online World of Warcraft made great commercial success, and become support the development of the company's flagship product. This game will be listed in the current meeting "outstanding game hall of fame" in.

The Best Cyber Monday Jewelry Deals 2021 to Ice Up Your Wardrobe

Anyone with a sizeable jewelry collection (or a penchant for sparkly things) knows that huggies and pretty necklaces don't come cheap, which is where the best Cyber Monday jewelry deals of 2021 come in. Nearly every luxury shopping destination and cool girl jewelry brand on your radar—think Net-a-Porter, Mejuri, Aurate, and Missoma—is offering major savings for Cyber Monday. Even royals-approved label Monica Vinader is slashing prices to help you snag the pieces you've always wanted (but have left idling for ~some time~ in your cart). To get more news about 3d jewelry design services, you can visit official website.

Savvy shoppers know they can count on mega-retailers like Nordstrom and Shopbop to come through with generous Cyber Monday clothing deals, but it's not every day you can score discounts on fine and demi-fine jewelry from your favorite brands.

So whether you've been holding out for a great find or have been filling multiple baskets over the course of the long weekend, it's worth picking up some cute hoops or stackable rings to add to your jewelry box. And if not for yourself, these timeless pieces make for excellent gifting material.

From Catbird's personalized lockets to Missoma's celeb-approved chains and Idyl's modular pieces, scroll down for the sparkliest Cyber Monday jewelry deals of 2021.
Aurate’s entire site is on sale through November 30. The brand will be offering 25% off with the code STOCKED, so now is your best bet at snagging multiple styles for less. How cute are those chubby hoop earrings?

Pause the scroll now. Catbird is having its only sale of the year through November 29 (!!), allowing you to snap up any one of the brand's dainty lockets or personalized pieces at 15% off.

We stan a sitewide sale, especially when it's from one of our favorite jewelry brands. Get 25% off Missoma's celeb-loved styles while supplies last.

Kate Spade has so many gift-worthy accessories for your mom, sister, best friend—and the brand is 50% off the cutest jewelry if you're looking for thoughtful presents. Use the code BLACKFRIYAY to activate the discount at checkout.

Swing by the Net-a-Porter sale for all kinds of statement pieces from the likes of Jennifer Fisher, Simone Rocha, and Ancient Greek Sandals. Save up to 50% off anklets, bracelets, and earrings, with an additional 15% off through November 29 with the code BLACKFRIDAY.

With discounts on brands like Loren Stewart, Missoma, Adina's Jewels, and Brinker & Eliza, Shopbop's Cyber Monday sale is too good to pass up. Score up to 50% off fine and costume jewelry with the code HOLIDAY through November 29.

MatchesFashion's designer curation is top-notch, and its jewelry curation is no exception. Save up to 50% off buzzy yet under-the-radar jewelry brands, with an extra 10% off select pieces with the code EXTRA10.

If you're not yet familiar with Ssense, that's about to change. The retailer carries emerging designers that you won't find elsewhere, including cool-girl jewelry brands like Alighieri and Laura Lombardi offering up to 50% off right now. Peep two of our favorite sale finds below.


During Novartis’s quarterly investor call this morning the company informed the public that it is terminating the Rett syndrome gene replacement program, OAV201.To get more latest news about novartis, you can visit shine news official website.

Novartis has shared this information with us:

"The journey to bring new therapies from the lab to patients is complex and our team works with a sense of urgency, a need for flexibility and innovation, and an ability to accept – and successfully navigate – challenges in a developing field of science.

"In this context, we have made the decision to retire development of OAV201 for Rett syndrome. Upon consideration of the program for IND submission, the totality of the pre-clinical data does not support a path forward for this development candidate to human clinical trials. This decision was not a result of safety concerns identified in the pre-clinical program. To enhance the knowledge in the field of AAV gene therapy, we plan to share the relevant data by the end of the year. We recognize this update will be especially disappointing to the Rett syndrome patient community and we remain committed to continuing to explore therapeutic options.”

IND submission refers to the FDA’s Investigational New Drug application, which is required before any new drug can proceed to clinical trial. AAV stands for adeno-associated virus, which is the delivery mechanism used to get genes into cells.

Novartis will be providing a more comprehensive community update statement at a later time.Everyone at RSRT is disappointed that there is one less option for our community. We prepare, however, for these types of situations by driving forward multiple curative approaches in parallel.

The Taysha Gene Therapies Rett program remains on track, and there are also gene replacement programs moving forward in companies that have not yet publicly disclosed their Rett programs.

China’s indebted property sector highlights a fading economic revival

China’s economy has become heavily dependent on property development over the last decade. High-rise apartments have mushroomed across hundreds of cities to house a growing white-collar workforce, while glass and steel office blocks are dominating city centres, mimicking Shanghai’s glittering skyline.To get more International finance news china, you can visit shine news official website.

Valued at more than $50tn after 20 years of rapid growth, Chinese real estate is worth twice as much as the US property market and four times China’s annual income.

George Magnus, an associate at Oxford University’s China Centre, says this real estate market ranks as the most important single commercial sector in the world.Leaders in Beijing, aware that the boom was running out of steam before the pandemic hit, have spent the last year trying to bring the ballooning, largely private-sector industry painlessly down to earth. Tighter regulations have curtailed borrowing binges and speculative building projects have begun to dry up.

The overhang of debts in some companies has proved trickier to deal with, especially after it emerged that China Evergrande, one of the largest developers, owed $300bn.

Funded by a growing Chinese middle-class and borrowings from international investors, Evergrande has grown to own more than 1,300 projects in more than 280 cities across China.

Like many indebted companies, Evergrande used fresh loans to pay off old maturing loans until investors, concerned about its stability, refused to play ball without a huge hike in interest payments.

In recent days the company’s share price has plunged and City analysts believe any ability to escape a government bailout has all but evaporated.

Kaisa is another developer that has fallen into the same trap. It cannot find investors to finance fresh loans at interest rates it can afford.

Such is the pressure on these companies, the central bank has eased short-term borrowing costs and is poised to go further with a cut to the headline interest rate.

Property, though, is only one of Beijing’s headaches. The economy’s recovery is petering out and inflation is increasing, as it is in many other parts of the world.

The Communist party leadership has also embarked on a battle for control of industries that have managed to secure a degree of autonomy. Xi Jinping, China’s president, is especially concerned that hi-tech businesses have become untethered from state control.

It irks the Chinese leadership that Naspers, a Cape-Town-based tech investor, injected just $32m, in 2001, into an obscure internet firm that went on to develop the popular messaging and payment service WeChat. The internet services provided by that company, Tencent, are now used by hundreds of millions of Chinese, and Naspers’ shares are worth more than $200bn.

Last year Beijing blocked the $37bn flotation in New York of the Ant Group’s affiliate company Alibaba and this year began to accuse billionaire tech owners of ignoring consumer rights and data privacy, fuelling excess debt, and fostering economic inequality.According to government sources who have spoken to the Financial Times, Beijing is preparing to force tech start-ups to raise money in China, restricting the main channels used to attract international capital.

A hit-list of new companies in sensitive sectors has been drawn up to prevent their using variable interest entities (VIEs) to run their China businesses. VIEs are a legal structure used for decades by Chinese tech groups, including Alibaba and Tencent, to circumvent foreign investment restrictions and raise billions of dollars from international investors.

Diana Choyleva, a renowned China watcher and head of the independent consultancy Enodo Economics, said: “China no longer wants to list its best companies and its potential future tech stars abroad – both from national security considerations as well as because it wants to offer better investment choices for domestic investors. The new Beijing stock exchange was just opened to serve innovation-oriented small and medium-size firms.”

In the last week, the ride-hailing group Didi Chuxing has said it will delist from the New York stock exchange. Choyleva said the move was not so much to restrict foreign ownership of shares in Chinese companies as to make them purchase through domestic stock exchanges under the watchful eye of China’s financial regulators.

Jordans are the most-searched sneaker in Pennsylvania

Research conducted by The Sole Supplier indicated that Jordans were the No. 1 searched sneaker among Pennsylvania residents in 2021. The study, which tracked each state’s most commonly used Google keywords, also confirmed the Air Force 1 as the nation’s most popular sneaker.To get more news about coco sneakers jordan, you can visit official website.

Retro Jordans have long been one of the nation’s most popular sneakers, so The Sole Supplier findings shouldn’t be a surprise. When compared to other states, however, Pennsylvania stood out as an outlier.

Jordan was the top-searched shoe in just one other state. That was Oklahoma, whose college program signed a deal with Jordan in 2018. Nike and Yeezy dominated the list.
Thierry Ngutegure, a data analyst for The Sole Supplier, said they tracked “around 3,000 words around sneakers” and compiled data using a per capita model. Jordan averaged 60,500 searches through Google in Pennsylvania. Only Nike in California and Texas had a higher volume, and New York’s numbers were similar to the Keystone State.

Penn State and Pittsburgh are both Nike schools. And while Jordan is a subsidiary of Nike, the apparel of those schools sport a check mark, not the Jumpman logo. Joel Embiid and Bryce Harper are Under Armour athletes. The only player on the Eagles sponsored by the Jordan Brand is running back Jordan Howard, who didn’t make the 53-man roster and is on the practice squad.

Pennsylvania, I can see them searching a lot because there’s a lot of rural area and there’s a lot of sneaker stores out here [in Philadelphia],” said Mike Molino, part-owner of the Suplex sneaker store in Philly. “Jordans are huge out here.”

This appears to come down to stylistic preference. Philly has an old-school feel because of its relevance throughout sneaker history. Allen Iverson’s Reebok Questions are still popular. Charles Barkley and Julius Erving each had some of the most successful shoes during their playing careers.Still, many Philly sneakerheads have always had a special place for retro Jordans. That fascination is only magnified with younger consumers.

“These kids don’t know Mike [Jordan], don’t care to know Mike,” Molino said. “They’re not buying a Jordan thinking about him. It has become its own thing.”Overall sneaker interest has spiked during the pandemic, Ngutegure said. A lot of it can be attributed to people having fewer plans and picking up new hobbies, but sneaker fascination has also grown in media. It’s harder than ever to walk in a store and buy a new pair of Jordans or Yeezys, so shows and markets are embracing the shift.

“For [sneakerheads], we might be physically searching for the purpose of purchasing, Ngutegure said, “where now, there’s a whole new audience that’s searching for the purpose of [learning] what is an Air Jordan 1.”

The Best Flashlights of 2021

If you want a powerful, versatile lighting solution, flashlights still offer advantages over headlamps in some scenarios. For one, they point wherever you want, not just where your head is pointing.To get more news about Best led flashlight, you can visit official website.

Also, due to fewer weight constraints, they tend to have more powerful, longer-lasting batteries and incredible power for modest-size devices.

And to be honest, I’m a flashlight buff. Yes, I also use headlamps a lot in the outdoors. But more often than not, I grab a small flashlight from my truck center console and, if I need two hands for a project, clasp it in my teeth. I just love having the ability to point it wherever I want without having to crane my neck in a specific direction.

So if you love torches, read on for what we’ve determined to be the best flashlights you can buy. Because we’re focused on the outdoors, we rated these based on weight, size, battery life, color rendering, and lighting versatility.

Note: This isn’t a list of “light cannons,” as you’ll rarely need 1 million candlepower. But we did include one monster in case superpowered lighting is your jam!Our team of testers loved the PD35 V2.0. But Fenix recently updated its line, replacing it with the new PD36R ($100). And after a couple of months of testing, we are pleased to discover that the new PD36R is an upgrade over our previous top pick for the best flashlight. The PD36R is equal to, or superior to, its predecessor in several ways.

First, the runtime is phenomenal. With the new PD36R in eco mode, you can achieve an incredible 115 hours of runtime at a very usable 30 lumens. While this is less total runtime than its predecessor, it comes at a significantly higher, more useful output.

For casual users (occasional camping trips and short bursts of high-output modes), that should amount to months between charges. Our tester has gone more than 2 months without recharging the PD36R with regular usage.

Speaking of modes, the PD36R ranges from a low-end 30 lumens up to a searingly bright 1,600 lumens. At that 1,600-lumen turbo mode, you can easily see objects at 928 feet. That’s more than enough for most use cases for recreation in the outdoors. And impressively, the PD36R can maintain that brightness for 2.9 hours.

With an IP68 waterproof rating, it can withstand being underwater up to 6.5 feet for 30 minutes. It’s also dustproof and shock-resistant. One feature that we love is that you can easily manipulate between tactical (and strobe-enabling) functions and standard use with a small button near the front.

Beyond the specs, this is a perfect hand-size flashlight (5.3 inches long, 1.04 inches in diameter) with very user-friendly functions. Turn it on and off at the tail switch, tap the small button near the front to adjust power, and check the LED on the button when turning the light on for a battery-level indication.

One change in the new model that raised our eyebrows is that the PD36R recharges with a USB-C fast-charging cord. The old model used a micro-USB cord, which we liked because it seemed ubiquitous at the time.However, Fenix notes that USB-C is faster charging and is rapidly becoming a standard charger. We hope to see more standardization in the near future to limit the number of cords needed to keep gear charged up.

Displaying & Storing LEGO Minifigures

The number of LEGO minifigures has skyrocketed in recent years — It is estimated that there will be more LEGO Minifigures than people by about 2019. As the number of minifigures has grown, so has the number of people collecting them.To get more news about Minifigures online, you can visit official website.

This growth is due to a variety of factors, including the introduction of the LEGO Collectible Minfigures Series in 2010. That series alone added nearly 500 brand new minifigure designs in just 8 years.

While the vast majority of the nearly 10,000 unique minfigures are not valuable, there are more than 60 minifigures which are worth more than 100$, and 20 worth more than 1000$. (Source: Minifigure Price Guide.)

Whether you have a small collection of favorite minifigs from your childhood, or a huge collection of rare collectibles, let’s look at some of the best ways to display or store your collection.The classic LEGO minifigure was introduced in 1978, but it isn’t the only LEGO figure — there are actually several different figure types and sizes in the world of LEGO. The most recent addition is the Friends minidoll, which was introduced in 2012. Both the minifigure and minidoll are about the same size, so most minifigure storage solutions will work equally well for both.

In addition to the LEGO minifigure and Friends minidoll, many LEGO enthusiasts collect a variety of similar figures which come in a wide range of sizes. While this guide is focused on minifigures, some of the storage solutions suggested in this guide might work for the following figures as well.

In addition to storing and protecting your minifigures, you might want to show off your favorites. Some options are perfect for displaying your minifigures on a desk or shelf, while others allow you to mount them on your wall.

Amazing LEGO World Records that all fans need to know!

From the most expensive brick to the tallest LEGO structure, here are some cool LEGO World Records that fans need to know!To get more news about Minifigures online, you can visit official website.

7. Largest collection of LEGO Minifigures

If you think you have a lot of Minifigures at home, well we have some news for you! The current record holder for the largest collection of Minifigures is Fabio Bertini (Italy) in San Marino, San Marino, who has a collection of 3310 minifigures (not including duplicates)! His collection includes Minifigures that date back all the way to the 1970’s!

6. Largest collection of LEGO? sets

This one is close to home! Frank Smoes from Melbourne, has the world’s largest collection of LEGO? sets! Smoes currently holds the record for “The largest collection of interlocking plastic brick sets in a private collection” with 3,837 sets in his collection, which boasts at least 1.2 million LEGO? bricks and pieces, and over 8,000 Minifigures that he has been collecting since 1980! Wow, the dedication!

5. Tallest structure built with LEGO? bricks

In June 2015, LEGO Italia attempted to build “The tallest structure built with interlocking plastic bricks” and succeeded, the tower measured a cool 35.05m from the ground! We know how hard it is to build a LEGO tower without making it fall! 18,000 proud LEGO? builders participated in the achievement and it was estimated that about 550,000 LEGO? bricks was used to make the tower! You would be impressed to know that according to the Guinness World Records, “no adhesives or supporting structures of any kind may be used in any way to strengthen the structure” – so no glue (or Kragle) was used!

4. Fastest time to build the LEGO? Star Wars 75192 Millennium Falcon? (team)

Have you ever built the Millennium Falcon, we definitely have! Ohh so many bags and the hours spent building the set! Well there has actually been a team of guys from Germany who complete the entire set in only 2 hours, 51 minutes and 47 seconds! The record was was achieved by Johannes Roesch, Kathi Stutz, Ralf Johannes and Gabriel Cabrera Parra in Walldorf, Germany, on 18 July 2019 – it helped that they were also huge Star Wars fans! If you had the chance, would you build the Millennium Falcon again?

3. Largest LEGO? brick flag

Our sister attraction, LEGOLAND? Discovery Centre Toronto currently holds the title of ‘Largest LEGO? brick flag’ – the flag was made to celebrate Canada Day! The flag measures 3.47m high and is 6.46m wide with 248,062 LEGO used to make the giant model! We are so proud of our sister attraction!

"We’re excited to have made history just in time for Canada Day, and for guests to enjoy the flag in our attraction for years to come. We hope the flag proves to children that their imagination is the only limitation to what they can construct," Noel Straatsma, Master Model Builder

2. Largest LEGO? brick Ferris Wheel

Who doesn't love rides! The world's largest LEGO brick Ferris Wheel has a diameter of 3.38 metres with a total of 43 carriages that can actually fit Minifigures inside! Tomá? Ka?pa?ík from Czech Republic built the ginormous LEGO structure on 22 October 2017 and the record still stands to this day! Call us impressed!

1. Most Expensive LEGO? Brick ever sold

If you thought LEGO was expensive then check this out! The two-by-four LEGO brick which was crafted in 14 carat gold, was sold to an anonymous buyer for $12,500 USD (almost $17,500 AUD) by Brick Envy, Inc. in 2012. What makes the brick so special you might ask? Well not only was it made from gold, but it was actually a gift for long serving LEGO employees who served the company between 1979 to 1981!


平らな胸のセックス・ドールを使用したい男性と女性がよく説明されて、虐待されることを、我々は鋭く知っています。したがって、我々は常に破壊的な人形を誤解任意の創造的な仕事に興味を持っています。この場合、私たちは性人形、ユーモアのセンスと創造的な文書の受け入れを見ます。これは購入のためのカスタムセックス人形を購入するフェンスの誰かを奨励する希望!試してみる価値があると思う。実際、我々はセックスドールについてより肯定的な内容があることを望みます。我々は確かにお客様から任意の提案を知りたい。To get more news about ラブドール通販, you can visit official website.




「フランシスタイン:Jeanette Wintersonによって書かれる愛物語」は、2019年5月にリリースされる小説です。これは単にシャーリーの物語の中で文字の復讐ではない。両性や性別役割などのトピックを探る、この小説はすぐに千年の間でホットな話題となった。プロットはゴシック偏心から現在のメディアや技術動向に逸脱している。シャーリーの傑作に触発され、ウィンターソンは、人工知能の形で相当を作成しました。彼女は現代の人格に関連する19世紀のダイナミックなキャラクターを作り出した。



Gear tiers are coming back to World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft players have enjoyed collecting armour sets from various dungeons and raids for well over a decade and the staggered rollout through tiers gave this race and grind much more longevity. The community got so used to the cycle of obtaining the new tiered gear that they found themselves wanting more after Blizzard removed this type of progression in 2017, when the ill-fated Battle for Azeroth came around.To get more news about safe wow gold, you can visit official website.

It is easily one of the worse-rated expansions in the WoW collection but Shadowlands has probably won the throne for the most reviled one ever. So when Blizzard attempted to win some goodwill by bringing the tier sets back in 2021, one would have hoped for the best but one would also be wrong.

When the fans saw the tiered armour sets, pictured above, they immediately became disillusioned because pretty much every class looks the same in them, with only minor alterations between them.

Furthermore, the set is based only on the Kyrian covenant, which didn't sit well with most players as many sided with the likes of Necrolords or Venthyr, which is why they found it weird to wear clothing related to the angelic creatures.Anyway, the fans expressed their distaste with the new sets in various creative manners but calling everyone in the armour priest or paladin is probably the most accurate description.
If you're a WoW player, the entire interview is worth a read because Hazzikostas dives into a lot of long-standing player issues with a frankness that is honestly refreshing. At the same time, it's also frustrating seeing that many of the major takeaways—like being better at listening to player feedback—have been the same lessons Hazzikostas has talked about needing to learn for years, dating back to Battle for Azeroth's launch in 2018.

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