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The Cool Girl’s Guide To Bridesmaid Dresses

Why one thing when it comes to looking for a special occasion, the accessible options appear to be way slimmer and fewer stylish than usual? Finding a night time gown that meets your personality (and private style) is not always an easy feat — and also the hunt for a similarly wedding dresses isn't any different. With a insufficient variety, it's not hard to fall into a cookie-cutter trap by having an expected, universally flattering, and "safe" (read: boring) option. Well, you're ready to not take that route.

Sheath/Column V Neck Sleeveless Long/Floor-Length Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress With Sashes Beading Pleated

Before wedding season kicks into high gear, we're here to boost the bar with regards to champagne bridesmaid dresses shopping — because why shouldn't the ladies standing next to the bride feel just like on-point as she does? From elegant but bold prints to unexpected fabrics and silhouettes, we've put together 30 not-so-average options that will make those group photos frame-worthy stunners.

A-line/Princess Sleeveless Long/Floor-Length Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress

At Refinery29, we’re here that will help you navigate this overwhelming realm of stuff. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated through the editorial team. If you buy something we connect to on our site, Refinery29 may earn a commission.

Graceful Gowns from THEIA Bridesmaids Spring 2017

View ethereal bridesmaid styles in the THEIA Bridesmaids Spring 2017 collection.

A-Line/Princess Square Neckline Sleeveless Long/Floor-Length Chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses With Pleated

The debut bridesmaid collection by THEIA pulls styles and silhouettes using their famed cocktail dress collections as inspiration. Ladies will discover soft hues of neutrals, pastels, and metallics on gowns that exude an intimate, ethereal vibe with just a little boho-chic style. Each design is made specifically to utilize all physical structure and senses of fashion, allowing every ‘maid to feel at ease and confident around the bride’s special day.

Future bridesmaids will discover delicate styles for example “Peyton” – a strapless tulle ensemble having a ruched bodice, “Gemma” – a sleeveless, bateau neck, matte sequin gown having a cowl back, and “Elena” – a sleeveless, double spaghetti strap, feeltimes dresses having a lace bodice with corset seaming and satin detail. For these bridesmiad gowns and more, browse the slideshow above.

A-Line/Princess Scoop Neck Sleeveless Long/Floor-Length Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress With Pleated Sashes

For more elegant mother of the bride dresses and wedding dress inspiration from bridal fashion week, click the link, and make certain to check out our extensive picture galleries, which feature images from the wedding gowns and bridesmiad gowns chosen by real brides.

Real Wedding Album: Meredith & Harold

This ridiculously pretty Atlanta wedding has more Southern charm than the usual Georgia peach having a side of prom dresses! Those were the most Southern things I could think of! What? I'm a New Englander!

Meredith and Harold met in 2006 in the Food & Wine Classic and Aspen—the super-awesome event I get to go to with Rory's work. Meredith was there working, and Harold was there while he had just won the very first season of Top Chef. (Yes, he's THAT Harold!) "Harold inquired about to go to dinner whenever we were both in NYC," remembers Meredith. "We've been together since!"

Sheath/Column Bateau Sleeveless Long/Floor-Length Elastic Satin Bridesmaid Dress With Waistband Lace Sequins

In December of 2009, Harold secretly flew to Atlanta, Meredith's hometown, to inquire about her prom dresses near me to propose and also to pay a visit to her family jeweler. He flew to New York the same day by having an engagement ring, that they gave to Meredith as they was on a single knee before their first Christmas tree. So around three years ago NOW! Happy engage-iversary, guys!

They planned their wedding for Labor Day weekend of 2010 in Atlanta. "I always wanted a white wedding during my Southern hometown," says Meredith. Mission accomplished! Get a load of this gorgeous!

What's your preferred part of this sweet Southern wedding?

The super-happy wedding couple. But that DOUGHNUT CAKE is really a close second! (They were Krispy Kreme!)

A-Line/Princess Scoop Neck Sleeveless Long/Floor-Length Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress With Pleated

p.s. Remember, this is really a real couple's wedding! You don't have to love everything they did, but please play nice within the comments!

Discover when the Mismatched Bridesmaid Trend Is Right For You

Bridesmaids do not have to wear matching wedding dresses to appear beautiful and cohesive in your wedding day.

A-line/Princess Sleeveless Long/Floor-Length Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress With Pleated

Mention the word "bridesmaids" and inevitably a picture of lovely ladies outfitted in identical feminine apparel enters the mind. But these days, bridal parties are breaking free from a same-dress syndrome. It began with brides who recognized that does not every gown looks good on every girl and allowed each party member to pick her frock design, as long as it was within the proper tone. Now, some brides are even forgoing the colour provision, allowing their maids to don mother of the bride floor length dresses inside a designated selection of shades. Others choose to distinguish their bridesmaid by allowing her to put on a garment inside a different hue compared to bridesmaids. The effects are fresh, artful, and complicated. Take a look at the photos below and find out if a mismatched wedding party would increase your wedding style.

Trumpet/Mermaid Sleeveless Long/Floor-Length Sparkling/Shimmer Lace Bridesmaid Dress With Sequins

Bridesmaid Dress 101: Tea Length Dresses Versus Full Length

So you've determined the color from the prom dresses you would like for your bridesmaids. You know the design and style, material, available sizes, and just how quickly they may be in your hands. One other thing to determine is whether you would like full-length dresses, tea-length, or cocktail-length dresses. Here are some points to consider when picking out the length of your bridesmiad gowns:

Tea-length or cocktail-length dresses could be cooler, so that they might be more ideal for very warm and/or outdoor wedding settings. Conversely, full-length dresses may be preferable within the colder months.

A-Line/Princess Sweetheart Sleeveless Long/Floor-Length Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress With Split Pleated

A shorter style is much more wearable following the wedding day, but remember that a long dress might be shortened.

Shorter dresses may be less consistent within the overall look they create for the bridal party. Differences from leg contour around shoe styles could be more apparent.

Shorter styles may be less expensive, as they'd require less fabric. However, the labor to produce an extended or short version from the same style could be about the same, therefore the price difference wouldn't be major.

Shorter styles could be easier to pack if you are having a destination wedding.

A-Line/Princess V Neck Sleeveless Tea-Length Lace Bridesmaid Dress

Full-length dresses tend to be more vulnerable to getting dirty or torn while being worn. They are simply nearer to the ground!

Full-length dresses project probably the most formal image. Many women would prefer to get their legs covered on the formal occasion just like a wedding.

The choice, ultimately, is yours. There are benefits of either short or long rose gold bridesmaid dresses, so think about the pros and cons before choosing dress length.

A Classic Ivory Wedding: Bridesmaid Dresses

When I saw this gorgeous wedding over on our friends Lily and Iris's blog I quickly asked them if I could share it wonderful you.

Glamorous and stunning, plus featuring ivory prom dresses from the Group, I just couldn't ensure that it stays to myself. I love the elegant shots from the bride and her amazing dress using the grand chandeliers.

A-line/Princess Sleeveless Long/Floor-Length Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress With Pockets

What a gorgeous day! Thanks, Lily and Iris for letting me share this beauty.

The blue prom dresses pictured: Collection 2860

Sheath/Column Bateau Short Sleeve Long/Floor-Length Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress With Crystal Detailing Sashes

Bridesmaids Dress With Lace Detailing

From left: After Six 6721, Social bridesmaids 8141, 2940, Social bridesmaid dresses 8155, 6715

Kate Middleton sparked a genuine trend when she married inside a lace wedding gown.

Three years on and it is a trend that shows no manifestation of abating. For cocktail dress it's right available online for - you'll find cocktail frocks in various shades of lace, delicate blouses, and lace skirts in 2 tone colors.

If you thought lace for any wedding only agreed to be for your bridal veil as well as your wedding gown, then reconsider.

A-Line/Princess Sweetheart Sleeveless Long/Floor-Length Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress With Pleated Beading

As these frocks by show, you are able to put your bridesmaids in lace too - even your flower girls - and work this pretty theme towards the max.

I've stuck to some mainly monochrome theme here but when you look at what provides, you'll see that you are able to overlay lace with pastel shades, rich reds, forest greens, midnight blues .... whatever you prefer.

A-line/Princess Sleeveless Long/Floor-Length Tulle Bridesmaid Dress With Pleated

And again, they are frocks which are too pretty simply to be kept for bridesmiad gowns. They should be taken from the wardrobe over and over for parties and posh dos.

All the dresses shown are by - make use of th plus size bridesmaid dresses  within the color and lace combination you would like.

6 Mistakes Bridesmaids Make And How To Avoid Them

When you are looking at being a bridesmaid, it's very easy to create a few mistakes on the way. It could start in the very beginning from the time you are asked straight with the wedding day. Luckily we considered several common mistakes that may very well happen and the way to avoid them!

Saying Yes When You Want to Say No: When you are looking at deciding whether you may be a bridesmaid, it is necessary, to tell the truth about whether you indeed could be a bridesmaid. Maybe you have other weddings you're in, or you are planning the wedding and don’t possess the time or you simply can’t afford it. Whatever it is, ensure that if you are inspired to be a bridesmaid that you may be one.

Not Speaking Up About the feeltimes dresses: Just because the bride to be loves the gown and even a few of the other bridesmaids, doesn’t suggest you should keep mum about the gown. It may not function as the right dress for you type, or even the color is wrong for the skin tone. Speak up! Don’t hesitate, but get it done nicely!

Sheath/Column Sleeveless Long/Floor-Length Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress With Sashes Pleated Beading

Sticking Your Nose within the Bride’s Wedding Plans: While it was always beneficial to provide advice and become supportive of the bride to be’s wedding ceremony planning decisions, don’t overstep your boundaries. Remember this may be the couple’s day which is not up to the bridesmaids to inform them how their wedding ought to be.

Fighting with Other Bridesmaids: It happens constantly especially when you've got a group of women with various opinions and different personalities. It is important that while you need to always feel at ease speaking up, that you simply don’t transform it into a fighting match which will ultimately stress out the bride to be and others involved within the wedding.

Criticizing the Bride on Her Wedding Day: The bride might be frazzled already, the very last thing she needs is just one of her bridesmaids criticizing her around the day from the wedding. Whether it is about her dress, her hair or makeup, or any detail like this.

Buying Uncomfortable Shoes with no Back-Up Pair: Sure, those four-inch peep-toe heels are gorgeous, and can you be comfortable enough to put on them all day? Or are you able to wear them whatsoever? Just because they're pretty, doesn't suggest they are the shoe for you personally. If you wind up picking the incorrect shoe anyway, make sure you've got a backup pair so that you could still get your groove around the dance floor!

Sheath/Column Sleeveless Long/Floor-Length Sequined Bridesmaid Dress With Pleated

Check out our newest fall junior bridesmaid dresses at!

Wedding images from the bridesmaids in After Six Bridesmaid Dresses were taken by Leslie Hollingsworth and featured on

The Perfect Twist For Your Bridesmaid Dresses

The Dessy Group was recently featured in The Westchester Wedding Planner magazine, where they graciously included Dessy's Twist Wrap bridesmaid gowns in their fall/winter issue.

I had time to speak briefly with Aida Krein, founder, and editor for  the magazine concerning the photo shoot and what she loved most concerning the Twist Wrap bridesmaid gowns.

She explained they all loved the Dessy Twist Wrap bridesmaid gowns for their versatility, excellent fit, and classic style, that was the look these were going for when these were planning playboy spread.

Ms. Krgin said the dresses are ideal for just about anybody's type, and also the colors selected were in line with the inspiration from the shoot.

“We also desired to show the bridesmaids don't have to all wear exactly the same color or type of dress,” she said.

The Twist Wrap bridesmaid dress has endless style, whichever look you are opting for, the dresses will go from classic to sexy. What I loved about these dresses, was that it's perfect for travel, if you're planning a destination wedding, or simply need a great dress such as this one. Dessy has over 25 colors readily available for these dresses.

The photoshoot happened in mid-August in the Haymount House in Briarcliff Manor, NY. The shoot was 1 of 2 shoots for that fall/winter issue of the magazine.

The goal, she said, ended up being too  feature the venue and all sorts of the vendors who collaborated. The colors chosen for that shoot were light blue, silver, and white. The magazine was opting for a winter, sophisticated and intimate affair.

According to Ms. Krgin, playboy focuses on planning tools and also the local vendors that brides will have to plan and execute their wedding. All the venues and vendors, she said, are selected for his or her uniqueness, exceptional customer support, and quality product.

The next photo shoot takes place in the Hammond Museum in North Salem, NY at the beginning of October for his or her spring/summer issue. The colors with this shoot are lavender and sage.

The magazine is going to be focusing on the gorgeous outdoor spaces the museum is renowned for, she said. The inspiration is really a magical back yard that includes beautiful wooden table chandeliers and lush flowers. It will give an enchanted and romantic outdoor spring wedding look.

In case you've already chosen your Twist Wrap bridesmaid dress and you're simply is just waiting to put on it, why don't you find some good accessories just like a pair of pretty earrings? You can check out all accessories and much more at

All images were supplied by The Westchester Wedding Planner magazine.

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