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Lost Ark Una’s Tasks Guide

Una’s Tasks is a quest system that permits you to earn Gold in Lost ark Gold. In this guide, we’ll show you how to Complete Una’s Tasks and how to earn and redeem Una’s Tokens by completing these daily and weekly tasks.

lost ark

Una’s Tasks is surely an endgame daily and weekly task system in Lost Ark that becomes accessible as soon as you reach level 50. To survive in Lost Ark, you’ll need gold. Therefore, Una’s Tasks are suitable for individuals who want to earn a lot of Gold with little effort.

Una’s Tasks are split into Daily and Weeklies. You may rapidly accumulate lots of Gold in the event you accomplish your day-to-day and weekly tasks. In lost ark gold, you can complete three daily tasks daily and three weekly functions each week.


In Lost Ark, your reputation for having a certain NPC increases by 10 points for every single completed daily task. You may access the reputation submenu in Una’s Tasks UI if you complete specific milestones.

The reputation rewards are usually in earning cash, nonetheless, they can also be the sort of cosmetic rewards for the Stronghold. Each NPC has three reputations, and you could use this technique to improve the reputations of 65 NPCs.

Lost Ark Una’s Daily Tasks

In Lost Ark, there is a restriction of 3 daily tasks daily. Una’s Daily Tasks award both of you reward points for every daily task completed. Daily effort is small-scale tasks that can be accomplished quickly. Daily effort is scattered throughout Arkesia.

You need to travel to a selected location to complete these daily tasks. Before deciding on a particular daily task, you might examine its location. Simply tap the “Location” button next to the “Accept” button to examine the daily task location.

Honkai Star Rail: Currency Guide

Honkai: Star Rail Accounts have proved to be full of fun things for players to accomplish. You get to tackle the role of The Trailblazer, a mysterious being who wakes up using a Stellaron, an excellent force of their time. You can harness great and bad these forces, much to the shock of people around you.

Honkai: Star Rail Accounts

Throughout the industry of honkai star rail buy account, you would run into different forms of currencies. Each currency can be used for various purposes in different ways. Therefore, it is usually pretty tricky to understand which currency is designed for what. There are eight main kinds of currencies you are going to run into in your adventures. These are Credits, Hertareum, Oneiric Shards, Star Rail Passes, Star Rail Special Passes, Stellar Jade, Undying Embers, and Undying Starlight.

Credits are the most common style of currency hanging around. You can obtain them by playing the game naturally. They will originate from completing quests, investigating objects, adventuring, destroying objects, killing foes, and opening chests. You can also obtain them as rewards without a doubt achievements for example increasing your Trailblazer Level.

This currency is going to be the first one you encounter among gamers and will most likely be the one you employ the most. The in-game description reads "This currency, utilized by the Interastral Peace Corporation to accounts having its customers, is widely accepted as being the hard currency for space travel."

Credits can be used for a variety of things. For instance, if you wish to level your character up, you will have to use Credits combined with items accustomed to level up. These can also be utilized to upgrade your Weapons and Light Cones. Finally, you may also manage to purchase things from various merchants employing this currency.

The final style of currency will be the Undying Starlight. It can be obtained by pulling 4-Star (or more) characters and Light Cones from Warps. The in-game description is "Splendid gems formed each time a shooting star fell in the sky."

Similar to the Undying Embers, Undying Starlight enables you to purchase materials and things to level up and get some new character. These can be found in the Starlight Exchange. These items are of upper quality than those found within the Embers Exchange.

Honkai Star Rail: All Available Light Cones, Explained

Honkai: Star Rail Accounts, like several other games like another popular game from HoYoVerse, Genshin Impact, carries a weapon system, which in cases like this is called Light Cones. However, unlike Genshin Impact's weapon system, there aren't any specific weapon types in Honkai: Star Rail that characters are limited by. Every character can equip Light Cones to reinforce their combat capabilities. Additionally, when characters with matching Paths equip a Light Cone, they could activate the Light Cone's passive ability.

Honkai: Star Rail Accounts

While any character in Honkai: Star Rail can equip Light Cones, some have a very signature Light Cone that complements their abilities and Path. These signature Light Cones often feature artwork specific to the character, and still provide the best alignment using their combat style.

How Do Light Cones Work in Honkai: Star Rail

It's worth noting that Light Cones in honkai star rail accounts do not have the appearance of traditional weapons. Rather, they resemble cards that may be equipped with characters. Despite their appearance, they function similarly to the weapon system in Genshin Impact, especially in terms of the ascension system used to reinforce their strength. All Light Cones in Honkai: Star Rail feature ATK, HP, and DEF values, rather than just ATK plus a secondary stat in Genshin Impact.

When ascended, the values of the stats increase, however, the passive ability remains unaffected. Light Cones could be ascended nearly Level 80, and players can make use of the Superimposing feature to bolster the passive ability. This feature involves using duplicates of the identical Light Cone to further improve it, similar to the refinement system in Genshin Impact.

In Honkai: Star Rail, the process of acquiring Light Cones has undergone slight modifications in each CBT update. However, within the most recent CBT, players have access to a variety of options for obtaining Light Cones. The primary method is through the Gacha system, often known as Warp in Honkai: Star Rail. Generally, players can get 3-star and 4-star Light Cones from any banner, having a guaranteed 4-star Light Cone or character every 10 pulls. While 5-star Light Cones are not obtained from Limited Character Banners, there are Light Limited Cone Banners readily available for players to assure a 5-star Light Cone in the event the pity limit is reached. This system can be very similar to your pity and banner system in Genshin Impact.

In addition to the Warp Gacha system, Honkai: Star Rail offers other techniques for players to get Light Cones. One such method is thru various shops. Players can buy a 5-star Light Cone from the Warp Exchange Store, while 4-star Light Cones can be bought in other shops like the Starlight Exchange Shop (just like Genshin Impact's Starglitter Exchange) and as well Battle Pass exclusive light cones. Moreover, players can get 4-star Light Cones over the Weekly Boss System, quests, and limited-time events. Currently, we have a web event ongoing until May 24, 2023 (UTC+8) where players can purchase the 4-star Light Cone "Make the World Clamor" in conjunction with some 4-star relics. It is expected that there are often more events in the future for players for getting exclusive weapons.

Lost Ark Excavation Guide

In Lost ark Gold, players can pursue multiple trade skills to build. One of the trade skills is ‘Excavation,’ called Archaeology. It is the most highly profitable trade whilst being quite useful. This guide can advise you on everything to learn about Excavation in Lost Ark.

lost ark

How to Do Excavation in Lost Ark

For Excavation in lost ark gold, you will be going to the various areas of the map to acquire and discover relics and materials. These relics will be used to make treasure maps, which might be performed to acquire plenty of valuables. The valuable loot from treasure maps is able to be used by yourself or sold to others to come up with income.

Excavating in Lost Ark will demand the usage of special excavating tools. These tools really should be crafted by you. Therefore, you're going to first must purchase crafting recipes for Excavating Tools to craft excavating tools. To purchase them, look into your Stronghold and talk to Jeniff. In addition, excavating Tools and crafting recipes require Adventurer’s Seals to be purchased.

Once you might have obtained the recipe for just about any tool, proceed to the Workshop to craft them. Excavating Tools require crafting kits and materials being crafted. The higher the rarity within the crafting tool, the more expensive quality perks it sports.

Excavating Tool Perks Explained

Like several pieces of Lost Ark, after you craft an Excavating Tool, it has several different perks/bonuses which get randomly shipped to it. If you craft a device and do not have the desired perk, the only method to acquire it should be to keep crafting that tool until it gives you the perk assigned you would like.

The higher the rarity of excavating tools in Lost Ark, the greater the perks it has. A Rare tool may have 2 perks, an Epic excavating tool needs to have 3 perks, and a Legendary tool can have 4 perks, in addition to that, the Relic level tool really should have 5 perks allotted to it.

The Excavating Minigame is activated if your ‘Excavation’ skill gets stacked sometimes. In the mini-game, your objective is to hit the blue sections for the meter because of the orange arrow. You really should have 15 seconds of maneuvering to the blue section 3 x. If you complete the mini-game successfully, you'll receive more quantities of relic materials.

The Elder Scrolls Online Has to Face the Reaper Sooner or Later

The Elder Scrolls Online Gold is an MMORPG that has a storied history, going from your poorly received game on launch to becoming the most popular MMORPG as of yet. Its tale is one kind of unexpected, but welcome success. But with in spite of this, every story must come to an end eventually.


Though The Elder Scrolls Online is widely thought to be a good game, for many people it can never face the reaper. All MMORPGs have to end, eventually. The question that is still then is exactly what exactly would be the thing that spells its end.

The Elder Scrolls Online May Not Be Future-Proof

Part of The Elder Scrolls Online's success is due to the fact that it truly is part of the most well-known RPG franchises of them all. Players flocked to the game to relive the identical experiences they'd in the franchise's single-player counterparts. In the beginning, it was not enough to maintain players around, hence the MMO's poor launch reception. With time, it slowly grew into just about the most successful games rolling around in its genre. However, this won't mean it's got managed to iron out most of its kinks. Much of The Elder Scrolls Online's best content articles are fraught with problems that limit the ball player experience even now.

Arguably essentially the most dire illustration of this is the game's software limitations. In an interview with producer Matt Firor in 2021, he attributed The Elder Scrolls Online's deficiency of new animations at the time to the game's space limitations. This, along with the belief that The Elder Scrolls Online has a tendency to suffer from long-lasting bugs, showcases how the game may not be future-proof the way it continues to increase. This continued issue can make it difficult for the developer to provide more core content, like new classes for The cheap elder scrolls online gold.

The software limitations don't hold on there, they also extend for the game's server performance. Unlike MMOs like Final Fantasy 14, which contain multiple servers for players to become listed on, The Elder Scrolls Online employs the utilization of "mega servers." These mega servers should act as enormous servers to complement entire continents, you can find only a single server for North America. While this makes it easier for players to group track of friends, it can come which has a variety of issues with the game's performance. This could turn into a big problem as The Elder Scrolls Online heads into your Necrom expansion.

One notable illustration showing this is the Cyrodiil zone, which is called The Elder Scrolls Online's open-world PvP zone. Whenever you'll find too many players within the zone, input lag gets a serious issue for those from the zone. In some things, it might even be considered unplayable, as players won't have plenty of time to reply to incoming damage. ZeniMax Online Studios was able to help mitigate this concern in 2022 by replacing server hardware, even so, the issue still persists today. With players desperate to hop set for The Elder Scrolls Online's Necrom expansion as well as the Arcanist, players could see this challenge plaguing the mega server for a short time once again.

At the finish of the day, many of The Elder Scrolls Online's issues stem from the core limitations which consist of engines as well as. Hopefully, in the future, those behind it'll be able to mitigate these complaints to create a more smooth experience. After all, improving with time is just one of the things The Elder Scrolls Online does best.

Is Honkai: Star Rail Free-To-Play? How Much Honkai: Star Rail Really Costs

While Honkai: Star Rail Accounts may very well be technically free-to-play, its nature being a gacha game implies that players that spend money will finish up getting much more mileage from the jaw horse. Despite the game as a large departure from past HoYoverse titles regarding gameplay and combat, Honkai: Star Rail's monetization remains extremely just like games like Genshin Impact, with several currencies and systems for players to produce a sense of, and several of them concerning the spending of real-world money. Factoring in aspects like currency farming, character rates, plus more, it can be hard to gauge how "free" Star Rail really is.

Honkai: Star Rail Accounts

Much like Genshin Impact, the leading draw of Star Rail is its playable characters, with each one of these having a unique design, and different abilities, along with their own put in place the story and arena of the game. However, while Honkai: Star Rail has several free characters which are provided to players both at the start of the experience and at select points throughout the sport's progression, the great majority must be randomly obtained from the experience's gacha banners, and that is where most of the sport's monetization may come into play - and therefore a player who spends money could have a different experience from a single who doesn't.

Honkai: Star Rail Can Be Played For Free

Luckily, in most cases, Honkai: Star Rail is free-to-play. Stellar Jade Star Rail's main currency, which is converted into Warp Passes for the experience's gacha system, is usually rewarded to players for doing in-game quests, puzzles, and exploration, and Warp Passes, while somewhat more infrequent, are available by leveling characters and passing certain milestones. While the sport is playable using the provided free characters along with the free gacha pulls afforded by Star Rail's rewards, however, players who desire specific characters, especially the rarer five stars, might find themselves inclined to spend.

In preserving its free-to-play, gacha-based nature, the honkai star rail account for sale includes a few of the latest models of monetization, the foremost and simplest of which can be buying the experience's premium currency, Oneiric Shards, which may be converted to Stellar Jade at the one-to-one ratio. Prices for differing quantities of Oneiric consist of $0.99 to $99.99 USD, with $29.99 being the price of ten pulls' worth - even though it should be noted purchasing one of the separate degrees of Oneiric for the first time can have doubled value. Despite being fairly standard values for gacha games like Star Rail, however, straight-up acquiring the currency for further pulls can simply seem steep.

For players happy to pay, but cautious about the steep prices of simply buying Oneiric Shards, Honkai: Star Rail has two additional options that can provide more appeal. The first, the Express Supply Pass, can be found in the action's store along with all the Oneiric Shard purchases, and expenses of $4.99. In turn, the Supply Pass provides players having immediate importance of 300 Oneiric Shards and 90 Stellar Jades daily for four weeks, totaling 2700. The other, Nameless Glory, is the sport's battle pass, with one tier of free rewards, a paid tier costing $9.99, along with an extra $11.99 purchase that rewards bonus icons and 200 Stellar Jades.

Like the majority of gacha games, Honkai: Star Rail inevitably encourages players to waste real money on limited character banners, extra resources, and faster progression. Especially for players trying to find a specific rare character, there exists a heavy temptation to speed up or ensure the process. For those with tighter wallets, however, each one of Honkai: Star Rail's content articles are still perfectly playable - even though they may have to get lucky should they want many of the rare five stars.

Can You Buy & Sell Honkai: Star Rail Accounts?

In Honkai: Star Rail Accounts, any purchases or progressions you are making are associated with the Account you are making them with. This includes any characters you get, Light Cones, and events you complete. You cannot transfer your characters to an alternative account when you restart. They are stuck just using that Account forever.

Honkai: Star Rail Accounts

Players can’t even transfer items between servers when they accidentally start a different one than their friends. Sometimes players decide to start over, meaning they lose anything they obtained using their original Account. It’s a major decision and something that can finish up costing them lots of money. What does wind up happening is really a player tend to sell their Honkai: Star Rail accounts. But is the fact even allowed? Here is what you must know.

Does Selling Honkai: Star Rail Account Break ToS?

Selling your Honkai: Star Rail Account is against TOS and will lead to your Account’s immediate termination. This is clearly stated in the Hoyoverse Terms of Service, last updated on April 23, 2023.

In the TOS, they claim that players “shall neither transfer, nor share, nor else make your Account information on the market to third parties, nor use another user (s)’ Account (s) without notice.”

This ensures that even when you do afflict sell the Account, the participant who buys it's still at risk of losing it. If you don’t would like to risk losing your Account, waiting until you’re delighted by your initial characters before spending is smart.

One famous method players use is rerolling their account until they have the 5-Star character they demand. This allows players to make use of the guaranteed 5-Star departure warp bonus until they secure the character they demand.

Is It Possible to Buy or Sell Honkai: Star Rail Accounts?

Yes, exchanging buy honkai star rail account is achievable, but accomplishing this will result in a breach of TOS. Despite this, players still take action regularly, there are even entire websites committed to it. Players can purchase/sell accounts on eBay and Player Auctions. Here, other players gather to auction off any unwanted accounts.

Most of those accounts currently have decent characters and frequently a high Trailblazer level. A starter account may opt to use around $10, while an even more veteran account that has a character from a celebration banner can reach in excess of $100.

Genshin Impact 3.7 Livestream Primogem Codes

Genshin Impact accounts Special Program livestreams are a fundamental element of the community since they offer a sneak peek of what the players can get from upcoming versions. The livestreams provide official previews of upcoming banners, new character showcases, limited-time events, along with other updates. Typically, these streams are held on Fridays or Saturdays unless stated otherwise approximately 10 to 11 days prior to the release date of the new version. They provide players with valuable insight and time and energy to prepare for the upcoming content. The new edition is typically launched using a Tuesday or Wednesday, with respect to the timezone, that has a standard six-week interval between updates, unless announced for being different.

genish impact

Players have an overabundance of more than one reason to play the Genshin Impact livestreams. Aside from receiving a glimpse into the upcoming content, they likewise have the chance to receive free Primogems. The livestream usually shares three codes that players can redeem for 100 Primogems each, in conjunction with additional rewards for instance Mystic Enhancement Ore, Hero's Wit, and Mora. With a total of 300 Primogems offered, the livestream is certainly worth watching. However, players must redeem the codes quickly, since they are only valid for just a limited time. The Duel! The Summoners' Summit! livestream for version update 3.7 occurred on Saturday, May 13 at 08:00 AM (UTC-4).

Genshin Impact 3.7 Livestream Codes

Players must act quickly since the codes from your Genshin Impact 3.7 livestream are simply just valid until May 14th at 12 AM (UTC-4). To redeem the codes in the game, players can proceed to the Options menu, select Settings, go to Account, and judge Redeem Code. Alternatively, suppose players are not able to access the experience. In that case, they are able to redeem the codes through the genshin impact accounts code redemption page or by exploring the provided links for each and every code after signing in thus to their Hoyolab account.

What To Expect In Genshin Impact 3.7 Version Update

The upcoming version update, appropriately named "The Duel! The Summoners' Summit!" places a robust emphasis on expanding the Genius Invokation TCG using a plethora of brand-new cards for players to get. This presents an exhilarating opportunity for players to understand different team compositions featuring their beloved characters. Additionally, the update will feature the highly anticipated return of 4 5-star characters: Yae, Yoimiya, Alhaitham, and Kazuha.

Joining them from the first banner alongside Yae and Yoimiya can be a new 4-star Dendro sword character from Inazuma named Kirara. Kirara's abilities revolve around creating damage-absorbing shields and dealing AoE Dendro damage, making her a priceless asset for teams centered on Dendro reactions. Furthermore, along with her Elemental Burst, she gets into an individual state which can be additionally convenient for climbing and exploring.

In addition to the aforementioned updates, players look forward to a series of recent events from the version 3.7 update. The highlight event with the patch will revolve around the Genius Invokation TCG, introducing certain limitations while offering additional mini-games for instance a gear puzzle mechanic the one that will surely captivate players. Players can obtain Primogems, other rewards plus a new 4-star bow named Ibis Piercer. Alongside this main event, it will have several returning events offering additional opportunities for bonuses and enjoyment through the update. Players are likewise able to play with the Act 2 of Yoimiya's story quest and Kaveh's Hangout Event.

While this type of update may well not introduce a lot of stories or exploration content because the game progresses to your conclusion on the Sumeru arc and approaches the Fontaine arc, you may still find plenty of reasons behind players being excited about the upcoming content. In fact, players even take a look at an upcoming future playable character Charlotte through the next version update and even within the livestream.

Dark and Darker High Roller Mode, Explained

There are multiple dungeons in Dark and Darker for explorers to adventure into, the other of them would be the Dark and Darker High-Roller mode, which was added through the third playtest. The High-Roller dungeons vary from the others, offering different loot and posing new challenges.

Whether you're a novice to Dark and Darker Gold and you also don't know what the High-Roller dungeon mode is or you are a player who may have already found your footing searching for more information concerning this challenge, look no further. In this article, we'll explain everything you should know about Dark and Darker's High-Roller mode.

Dark and Darker Gold

Dark and Darker High-Roller Mode Explained

dark and darker buy gold's High Roller mode is usually a more challenging mode meant for those who have already gotten efficient at the game and wish to engage in harder encounters. In the High-Roller dungeon, you'll face off against stronger enemies that could fight better than those at lower levels. The other players in High-Roller dungeons will often be more advanced players, too, so you need to watch out for them!

If you are not ready to learn about the depths of your High-Roller dungeon, the gold cost can be quite a risk you just aren't willing to take. If you're not prepared to test out the High-Roller dungeons, then explain to you some of the basic dungeons and the new solo dungeon, the Goblin Caves, to get together some better loot and be well prepared.

Of course, facing off against much harder enemies includes the ability to advance loot as a reward! In the High-Roller dungeons, there is Very Rare and Legendary loot without taking to the Basement Level 3.

Dark and Darker High-Roller Mode Fee

The High Roller mode is not only more difficult but riskier, asking players to spend a fee in gold before entering. The cost to penetrate the High Roller dungeon is 75 gold. This might seem costly, nevertheless, it will be more than worth it if you happen to leave the dungeon with much new Legendary loot on your hands!

That's all you need to be familiar with Dark and Darker's High-Roller mode and the way it works. The High-Roller dungeons work just like doubt tougher than the rest, however, are also the top opportunity in the experience to get some amazing loot.

How to get the Golden Key in Dark and Darker

The goal of Dark and Darker Gold would be to collect perfect loot while traversing a hazardous dungeon using your friends. One of the best places for the best loot would be the treasure chambers behind the golden doors, nevertheless, you need the Golden Key item to unlock these doors.

Dark and Darker Gold

There are a couple of ways for someone to obtain a Golden Key in Dark and Darker, by incorporating ways being easier as opposed to others. Depending on the skill of you and also your friends, finding a Golden Key may take a little while or possibly a long while.

Where to locate a Golden Key in Dark and Darker

The simplest and fastest way to gain a Golden Key is usually to purchase one from another player in the warehouse. It will cost players 1,000 gold to obtain one Golden Key, which may be pricey for many players just starting. However, if you possess the extra gold which enables it to afford it, the secret is worth the investment, as behind every Golden Door is often a chamber full of valuable treasure.

Golden Keys will also be a rare drop from Skeleton Champions, powerful skeleton monsters you will discover during your trek through the dungeons. If you don’t contain the gold to purchase the Golden Key for the warehouse, you may grind through some Skeleton Champions until at least one eventually drops a Golden Key.

 This method of obtaining a Golden Key could be the most time-consuming as the odds of a Skeleton Champion dropping an essential are low. Still, in order to save your gold and are also willing to put in the hours, slaying Skeleton Champions might be your preferred method.

Another possible way to achieve a Golden Key should be to pick one up from your fallen player. To buy dark and darker gold require online functionality to play along with your friends, and you should encounter other players since you travel with the various floors within the dungeon. When a player is killed, they'll drop their loot. If another player experienced a Golden Key to them and perished, you are able to potentially grab that key without much issue.

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