wisepowder: How to Applique with Shiny Metallic Fabric

How to Applique with Shiny Metallic Fabric

8 Jan 2021 at 23:05

When I want a bright, metallic look to my applique, I always grab some tissue lamé.This surprises a lot of people, because tissue lamé is a notoriously fragile fabric and kind of a pain to work with. But I have tricks!To get more news about metallic fabric cloth, you can visit mesh-fabrics official website.

One of the main problems with it is that the edges fray like crazy.But you can reinforce the fabric with fusible interfacing and it makes it much stronger and controls the fraying. Once the interfacing is applied you can treat it just like any other fabric.

Except that some tissue lamés melt at the temperatures required to melt the fusible adhesive on the interfacing. But you can use a press cloth – just like you do for the satin I talked about in this post.

And here are the steps I went through to get to this point.

Lay the tissue lamé out on your ironing board.
Layer a piece of fusible interfacing over the lamé. I use Pellon light weight interfacing.
Layer a press cloth over that and press, following the instructions on the interfacing for time and steam/no steam.
Rough cut your paper-backed fusible adhesive pieces and layer them over the interfacing. Cover that with a press cloth and fuse according to the fusible adhesive instructions.
Now you’re ready to cut out the pieces and fuse them to your applique – again keeping a press cloth between the lamé and your iron.


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